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Thread: PS3 Qore - Subscription Needed No More?!

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    PS3 Qore - Subscription Needed No More?!

    SyphonFilter1 has shared the first edition of the subscriber-based Official PlayStation digital magazine known as Qore via YouTube today.

    Will this be a growing trend for all future Qore updates, or will "big brother" Sony jump in to prevent non-subscribers from accessing the content others paid for? Time will tell, but until then check out the PS3 Qore premiere edition video below:


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    Lieutenant Guest
    but the thing is... nobody will get beta opportunities or other exclusive downloadable content. but yeah, the youtube thing will provide a lot of content.

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    MetalmanPS3 Guest
    It was bound to happen, but sony will make a copyright claim to youtube and the videos will be down as fast as they went up.

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