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    ElComissair Guest

    Thumbs Up PS3 Proxy Server WORKS with FW 2.60 - GUIDE HERE!

    Hello all,

    After I've navigated through the forum, I got the same errors as you people, when trying to download through the pkg in my pc.

    You follow exactly the guide in ps3news, but the second game (that is at 32kb/0%) HAS TO BE LARGER IN SIZE THAN YOUR PKG.

    For example: I was always trying with downloading Iron Man demo (990MB) from PSN to install MGS4 demo (1.3GB). It always gave me errors.

    Then, I tried with another pkg, lower in size (550MB). IT WORKED.

    Sorry if this is already known but I couldn't find it.


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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I gave you a +Rep, it will be interesting to see if others can confirm this... last we knew, they could download but not install without an error.

    Thanks for the guide though ElComissair!

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    jevolution Guest
    he spoke about downloading... did see anything about him getting it to install... but we shall see

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    Zerotacg Guest
    I can confirm that the downloading does work, with the download in background method, but I could't get the downloaded package to install.

    But I noticed that if u tap the x button for the download to be "immediately" in the background it still downloads ~64kb and the log of Proxy shows

    [Register or Login to view code]

    in the HTTP Header, got the same bytes twice, so it might download the fileheader, for a check or what ever, maybe I was just to slow.

    Also after downloaded the icon is that of the original download (could the icon be in the first 64kb? )

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    canabal Guest
    Anyone else have any luck on 2.60?

    I can download fine, but no luck with the installation.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by canabal View Post
    I can download fine, but no luck with the installation.
    Ya, that is the general consensus and has been for quite some time... so until something new comes to light let's close this one up.

    In short, PS3 Proxy Server does NOT currently work with 2.60 due to erroring on the installation part.

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