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Thread: ps3 problem

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    multizone Guest

    Question ps3 problem

    hello pls help me with my problem,

    i have ps3 and when i am trying to turn it on, the red light turn off and yellow light apper for 1 secound, and than the red light comes again but flesshing and the sistem doesent turn on.

    thanks alot for your help


    Edit: why nobody answer???

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    Most people don't post on the Forums these days with the new Portal... those who do probably don't understand your question.

    If I follow it correctly, it sounds like you have a flashing red light when turning it on and the PS3 won't start. It could be some type of sensor (thermal, etc) or almost anything... I'm sure if someone here knew they'd reply, but until then I'd try calling Sony and explaining it to them. If the console is still under warranty you should be OK

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    multizone Guest
    thanks a lot my friend,
    i tryed to chack all the sensor from inside, and also the power suply inside.
    i am trying to fix them but i have no ID what to do.
    i just got anouther PS3 with the same problem so i have 2 PS3 broken right now.
    i appreciate your help.
    if you will have news i'll be glad to recive

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    bikerrr Guest long do u hold the button for?

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    I think what PS3News meant when he said it could be because of a sensor, he meant that the system was too hot for example.

    The fact that you have 2 systems that have the same problem leads me to believe that it is the conditions that the console is being played in. Are you using it in a well ventilated spot that doesnt get alot of dust buildup. Or are you using an import console that has a different standard voltage input?

    There are many things that could have gone wrong, but the best idea instead of pulling the consoles to bits is to get onto sony customer support and get them to sort it out. They would no doubt have better knowledge that me.

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