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    Price for PS3 will not be more then 399 AT MOST.
    perhaps if they make 2 versions, one that has other stuff like tivo like functions, but other then that it wont be more then 399, im betting ps3 will launch at 349.

    rumored prices are almost never right, Remember when the rumored price for PSP was 400 or more? come on. sony will take a loss to keep the price competitive.

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    i dont think the prices can be final yet, they dont know what's going to happen in the next 6 months for the xbox and the next year for the ps3, and who knows for the NR...

    for all of you still deciding your system purchases you should read the follow up's to the conferences.

    microsofts conference was all gameplay footage running off the ALPHA devkits wich is still only has about 30% of the power the x360 has.

    and sony did the same thing as they did with the ps2 to get hype about it up...none of the video's by sony were real time, the only one that was was the duck and the unreal 3 engine, wich already runs smooth on the alpha devkit's for the 360. the fightnight video was all done with renderware, and alot of the other's were just cgi video not gameplay...

    so i would still wait before i make up my mind.

    i still dont know wich one i will buy. ms has doa4 (wich the high rez video of it on 1up looks WAY better then the pics), top spin, pd0, rallisport challenge, PGR, and lotsa other's, but the only sony games i like are frequency/amplitude wich i dont think they are going to make anymore..., atv off road fury but i was dissapointed with the 3rd, and rainbow studios went to help thq on mx v atv, and ace combat 4, wich although 5 was good, im not going to buy another system for that one game.

    im curious to see what else nintendo reveals on the revolation...

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    disks are gonna be blur-ray, thats gonna be expensive. Most likely 100 bucks a freaking game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceHawk
    disks are gonna be blur-ray, thats gonna be expensive. Most likely 100 bucks a freaking game.
    Yah, a game is gonna cost us some money. Been a long long time since I've bought a game

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Quote Originally Posted by IceHawk
    disks are gonna be blur-ray, thats gonna be expensive. Most likely 100 bucks a freaking game.
    that's brings me to the point that i'm going to buy a ps3 just to play ps2 games if that's going to be the price for a game . . .

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    I don't know prices won't be that exagerated, I think. The fact that this is good technology, but that time still hasn't gone by to make things cheaper etc. Games, software, hardware, and consoles drop fast so you can't just say that games will be super expensive or the system also. I think once we reach the date it will be reasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murd0ck
    As far as the Cost I know $465 seems a lot but look at the hardware included. You will be very hard pressed to match that price. I for one will be getting one and of course the wife will NOT no how much it costs or where I got the extra money. ROFLMAO

    Yes the same here when the time comes to buy the PS3 the wife CANNOT find out or it`s a "automatic death sentence" for me...hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Introlux
    well i dont know about you lot but im getting all 3, the xbox 360, ps3, and the nintendo revolution, and for those asking no im not rich, but ill manage to get the money just like i did with the xbox and ps2 on day releases no point saying which is better as the bluray discs at present are a waste of time no offence, but we just havent reached the point at present where 8.5 gb is not enough, and despite what any one says thats a fact (this is in response to people saying PS3 has bluray disc its won the console war). the latest PC games such as Doom 3 graphically the best game to date yet (i have seen it run on a 4.2ghz p4 with 512mb industrial gfx card and its by far the best thing i have seen. these are early games on the consoles so there is alot to come. according to M$ the vids you saw at E3 was less than 1/3 of the power xbox 360 has to offer, and im sure the PS3 has alot more too. like i said im happy with all the consoles, and will definetly buy all 3 as i like having the choice when shopping for a game to have the choice to buy any game that i want without the worry "oh i dont have that console wish i did",

    well thats my 2 cents

    the 1/3 thing you talk about is not xbox 360 but the dev kits game developers have. they are using alpha kits and those are running 1/3 the speed they say, which causes game previews to chug at 60fps.

    "When asked about this issue our source replied that the current playable 360 games would all have framerate issues due to the fact that they are running on alpha test units. A rough estimate placed these machines at about one-third as powerful as the 360."
    -ign http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/615/615667p1.html

    so yea it might help, but we'll have to see when it gets released or the new dev kits are out.

    all three would be nice, but ill have to just stick too one for the moment..my ps3
    Last edited by northernpimp; 05-19-2005 at 05:24 AM

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    i aint gonna buy the ps3 for all tht money when PCs can do much more for the cost. the machine itself will caos **** loads in the uk and then u have to buy all the stuff for it. its scary when te ps2 memory card are still at around 20 n they get filled quick

    anyway any1 know how many contoller ports there is on the PS3??

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    i just waiting to see what happens when the unit does actually come out. i remember people shelling out 800 bucks for a ps2 on ebay around christmas time when the system launched in the us


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