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Thread: PS3 Price Drop, New Hack-Proof PlayStation 3 Console Incoming

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    PS3 Price Drop, New Hack-Proof PlayStation 3 Console Incoming

    Update: Today has spotted the new PS3 model CECH-3001A/B via the FCC site further confirming the previous report.

    The new PlayStation 3 slim model will cut power consumption from 230W to 200W and weigh in at 2.6kg down from 3.0kg, however, it will not include PS2 compatibility.

    According to Sony is preparing a sizeable PS3 price drop soon which will coincide with Nintendo's 3DS console release in March (although states Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter predicts June) followed by a new hack-proof PlayStation 3 console in development.

    To quote: "My source, who also told me the NGP's price will be 250 in the UK, stated Sony has been preparing a price drop in the UK for quite some time now and are finally preparing to make said price drop to around 170 when Nintendo's 3DS console releases in March.

    The price drop for the slim PS3 SKUs would mean a staggering price drop from the PS3?s original price will be witnessed; with the recommended retail price being 255.30." (linked above) also states that Sony is reportedly developing a hack-proof PS3 SKU, to quote:

    "The hack-proof SKU will be a slim PlayStation 3 model and will contain a 300GB hard drive as an incentive to purchase the hack-proof system - the price of the SKU will be 186.99, my source informs me.

    The scheduled launch is unsure at this time due to Sony seeing if they can win the battle in the courts against the root of all the PS3 hacks - George Hotz.

    Sony is essentially trying to get rid of all the old SKUs with these price drops - and even their own price drop incoming possibly - so it makes way for their new hack-proof model."

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    optimusxcrime Guest
    nothing is "hack proof" though..

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    semitope Guest
    hopefully it gets hacked soon after release.

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    Balflearspgc Guest
    hopefully it doesn't get hacked after released.

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
    hopefully it gets hacked soon after release.
    Haha I second this If this new model gets hacked, say within a month, I think I will die from rolling around on the floor laughing. I am interested to see however what exactly they have in store on this supposed unhackable model.

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    spark32 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by optimusxcrime View Post
    nothing is "hack proof" though..
    ex. PSP GO (everyone remember how they marketed it as hack proof? well look at it now).

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    barrybarryk Guest
    yeah hack proof probably just means it'll come with 3.56 preinstalled.

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    Vivificus Guest
    If you can make it you can reverse engineer it. I hope it gets cracked open on release just to spite them for attempting.

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    croft72 Guest
    Having the current and old PS3 models replaced with a new one seems to be the an interesting but not new strategy. Sony has already done this far too many times with the PS2 and PS1. Be it the current firmware, new firmware or even newly designed hardware made to do the same thing the current PS3's do, it will be fully hacked by somebody sooner or later. Now whether or not that person makes a grand announcement on the internet for everyone (and Sony) to see is another story.

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    computers6 Guest
    What are they going to do to this "hack-proof" system? Remove the USB ports? No more USB Dongles yay!

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