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Thread: PS3 Price Drop Goes Live for Both PlayStation 3 SKUs

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    Starlight Guest

    PS3 Price Drop Goes Live for Both PlayStation 3 SKUs

    The international online mega-retailer has officially axed the price of the PS3, however, it's only a $10 price cut.

    Still, $10 is better than nothing right? The 160GB has also been marked down $20, to $479.

    To quote: The price cut is also seems to have taken place worldwide as well, with both Amazon Japan and Amazon UK dropping the price of their respective PS3 packages too.

    And with all the commotion caused by by the PS3 Slim speculation, now seems like a very peculiar time to lower the price...

    Check out the $389 80GB PS3(with free shipping, nonetheless) here and the 160GB (still with free shipping) here. Enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    yeah, shure... WHATEVER!

    So finally a price cut... so let's see those analysts predictions come into life or not!

    I know it's not a great comment but hey, FINALLY the PS3 price received a cut, not big, but still a cut! Probably it won't affect the sales too much but still will be interesting to watch VGchartz next month to see if any spike in sales happened!


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    Noatoa Guest
    and if game stop is still holding there deal when this happens you could sell a ps2 and 3 games (above 2.99).. you get 100 dollors off your purchase of a ps3.

    thats almost as good as the swapping of the DS for a DSi deal.

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    demonbUuY Guest
    :O finally, although it's only 10$ but as you said, better 10$ than nothin'. I hope it happens' in my country too, although I highly doubt that xD

    But it's about time, prices got lower

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    aleXtrm Guest
    For some reason I highly doubt that $10 is going to make any difference. I don't think there was anyone that wanted a PS3 but couldn't get it, because it is too expensive, and will now jump at the opportunity to save $10.

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