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    PS3 otheros.self and bld files

    how do you get these on a flash drive and have your ps3 read them. I put them on and when the flash drive was in the ps3 it said no applicable installer found. the otheros.self and otheros.bld files. I was wondering what i did wrong and how to do it correctly any help greatly appreciated.

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    make a ps3 folder and then an otheros folder in that should work

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    Yes, exactically what billyb said, you must create the folder PS3 on the root of your memory stick/usb drive, then make a folder OTHEROS, and place the otheros.self, and otheros.bld, right on inside!

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    ya i had otheros named otheros.self

    ya i had otheros named otheros.self, but hey thanks for a reply and i have a new problem when i got to the kboot and type install-fcsda it says not found maybe you guys can help me see the obvious again. this time I can't play because it just goes to the kboot screen so any help is greatly appreciated. :??

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    i typed boot game os and it let me play

    still can't get it to install fedora though

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    For Fedora Core 5 try:

    install-fc sda

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