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    Unhappy PS3 Online Gaming - Regions?

    Hi All,

    first i would just like to clarify, that this thread is asking about online gaming only, we all should now be painfully aware that the games themselves are regionfree (PS3 games that is). I am more interested in the current state of play with regards to the online playing aspects being limited to specific regions. in short if you get a UK game, you will only be able to play against people in Europe or Australia, there are slight variations on different games mind.

    I am worried about just how permenant this situation will be. i have had a scout around the web but can only find out that this situation exists, and nothing on whether this was a technical problem, an oversight, or this is what sony/developers are planning on sticking with. So does anyone know if this situation will change in the future?

    its a shame as i have some mates in the states and would hate to think we are all going to have to get together for a powwow, just to decide what region we are all going to buy (which will mean i will end up waiting for mine to get delivered from the states)

    but also, if this 'home' thingy is the same sort of thing, then i am screwed as i am certainly not going to buy an american ps3 just to register seperately as US. i wouldnt mind if there was some sort of setting that could be disabled so that i can see people from all over the world. as long as its not a technical problem causing this, then i think that would be fair.

    Anyone else got any feelings/news on this subject?


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    I don't see what ur talking about; I play ridge racer online against asians, americans and europeans...

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    at the moment on my jap ps3 with usa rfom, i can only connect to jap servers. Im in UK

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    Hi all,

    I have the same online problems in Motorstorm. I have Motorstorm US and my friend have Motostorm EU. We can't play online together because i can only connect to US/Autralia servers and he can only connect to Europe/NZ/Australia servers (this one is different than mine). I also have F1 (EUR version) and i can only connecto the the EUR and NZ/Autralia servers, the same that my friend can connect when playing Motorstorm EUR version.

    So, I think that some game versions limit the servers to the ones corresponding of the game version. US->US/Aus, Eur->Eur/NZ/Aus

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    Why not both play on australia?

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    I have a HK model with 60 Gb HDD (NTSC J).

    1. Mine has a silver strip. I believe this is the case for all 60Gb models regardless of region.

    2. O for confirm and X for cancel. As I understand it, ASIAN (Taiwan, HK etc) and JAPANESE region PS3s use this config, EU models use X to confirm and O for cancel as do the US models. Its pretty similar to the PSP configs. As soon as an exploit to run unisigned code is found it won't be long before a button switcher app is released.

    3. Car readers included. All 60Gb PS3 come with the card reader modules. 20Gb PS3s do not.

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    Hi StinkyFish,

    My PS3 is JAP and is by definition all the awnsers to your questions is YES.

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