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    xTwilighTx Guest

    PS3 Online Games you have!

    What online games do you have?

    I have CoD4, Eye of Judgement, Warhawk, and resistance (but I dont like the game online), If you want to play, msg: SMCTwilight

  2. #2
    Wakie87 Guest
    I have COD4 and GT5 prologue... although you can't really call that a game more of a demo of sorts.

  3. #3
    aliko100 Guest
    I have Tekken DR Online, PES 2008 and Def Jam Icon, and after some weeks I will have GTA 4 I hope the release won't be displaced.

  4. #4
    KenZomgWtfBbq Guest
    I have Tekken DR, Resistance, Call of Duty4 and Condemned.

    I only Play Tekken and CoD 4 online.

  5. #5
    wicked insanity Guest
    Online games, hmm I only really play COD4 but I do also have Burnout Paradise, Guitar Hero III, Motorstorm, RFoM, COD3, Fight Night Round Round 3 and skate. I wanna get GTA IV an Little Big Planet later this year. I'm also in UK time if you wanna play, my PSN is wicked-insanity.

  6. #6
    daveatcky Guest
    ive got COD4, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 and Lair.

  7. #7
    forhad89 Guest
    i have tekken online, warhawk and also resistance which i havent played for months.

  8. #8
    JaD Guest
    Warhawk, Unreal Tournament 3, Orange Box 4 now with incoming tittle as Haze, GTA4, Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit and MGS Online there list will become a little more big that I expected.

  9. #9
    hackeruk Guest
    i only have motorstorm haha

  10. #10
    Shadowstitch Guest
    had warhawk, sold it.. only games i got online are cod4 and motorstorm, but i also got folklore and im getting gta iv special edition.

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