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  1. #21
    nastywong1976 Guest
    Hi all,

    I have GTA4 (haven't tried online yet) and GT5 Prologue. Might get COD4. Looks wicked!

  2. #22
    lolle Guest
    I got Resistance, GTA4 and Motorstorm. GTA4 roxx the most online. Resistance is cool for 2 Player Split Mode :-)

  3. #23
    EzMoneyND Guest
    CoD4 and Madden 08. Feel free to message me. XEntropyX

  4. #24
    wicked insanity Guest


    *takes deep breath*

    Updated online games list: I bought Warhawk from the PSN recently for 20. What a waste of money that was; the game itself is good but I just get wankered online because people had have it for months and are so much better than me and no all the decent spots in the maps, I'm not a bad gamer 'cos I can hold my own on COD4, it's just the extra experience everyone else has. So now I don't play it!!

    The only problem is there no return option or trade in value like you would if you had bought a physical copy!!

    Same with Trials of Topoque and Operation Creature Feature, I bought them for the Playstation Eye and they're both rubbish. I feel cheated out of my hard earned cash by SONY again. argghh

    I try to support the smaller game companies by buying their stuff but they can think again if I'm gonna dish out another fiver for another shitty game...

    *clenches fist*

    rant over

    *sighs with relief*

  5. #25
    steven789 Guest
    guitar hero 3
    gta iv
    cod 4
    resistance fom

  6. #26
    AhmadkaX2 Guest
    wow, some people here have quite a collection of PS3 games :P

    Well I bought my PS2 about 3 weeks ago, and I bought COD4 and GTA4 with it ... Although I don't play online much because I always get my ass handed to me :P

  7. #27
    cherryduck Guest
    The only game I have is Resistance, so that would be my online game.

  8. #28
    warrior420 Guest
    Awesome. I play COD4, GTA 4, GT5, and GH III. Which is all my games.

  9. #29
    speedxl Guest
    I just have Motorstorm, and Resistance.. but i have not played really much online.

  10. #30
    zazapeppe Guest
    I have:

    FIFA 2008
    call of duty 4
    burnout paradise
    and waiting for mgs4

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