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    VendeTTaa Guest
    I've got a few; rfom, cod4, burnout, ut3, warhawk, and a few others that I'm seldom online in.

    On the topic, calling any Australians that want to game a bit of cod4, I'm sick and tired of all the US gamers online.

    I'll gladly accept any invites at PSN: Equivocator

  2. #12
    onelargeprawn Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hackeruk View Post
    i only have motorstorm haha
    You're not alone...

  3. #13
    mdc114115 Guest
    i have call of duty 4, motorstorm (came with my ps3), unreal tournament 3, rockband, and guitar hero 3.

  4. #14
    faith2063 Guest
    I only have Warhawk. I'm fond of it. I am part of a team, and it's so funny ^^.

    Try few online games, but this one is my favorite !

  5. #15
    adz666 Guest
    I have:
    GT5 Prologue
    Resistance Fall of Man
    Call of Duty 4
    Burnout Paradise
    Guitar Hero III
    Ridge Racer
    The Orange Box (team fortress 2)

  6. #16
    speedy1337 Guest
    ATM moment playing only CoD4, but already made preorder for GTA4.

  7. #17
    Tomee Guest
    I've got:

    Call of duty 4
    nba 2k7
    the eye of yudgement
    nfs prostreet

  8. #18
    doggydawg Guest
    I only have burnout paradise... is there anyone from india here ?

  9. #19
    aldostools Guest
    Burnout Paradise
    Call of Duty 4
    Call of Duty 3
    Warhawk + All Packs
    MotorStorm + Value Pack
    Rainbow Six: Vegas 1
    Ridge Racer 7
    Metal Gear Solid Open Beta

    I even haven't opened/tried my BD games: Oblivion, Stranglehold, Assasin's Creed, Uncharted, Virtua Fighter 5, Lair, The Simpsons Game. So I don't know if they have online or not :-)

  10. #20
    terex123 Guest
    I have: cod4, guitar hero 3, smackdown 08, warhawk, nba 2k8, motorstorm, rainbow six vegas 2, and about to have gta iv.

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