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    Raze1988 Guest
    I think 50gb will be enough storage for a long time. I bet the PS4 will support more, but most games will be under or just 50gb.

  2. #22
    SDF Guest
    ok i was furious about otherOS too.. but for this?? i mean c'mon... No one is going to release a bloody game or movie to that kind of disc. be real..

  3. #23
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Let's just hope that if a game needs more than 50GB that they don't stinge out and cut things to shove it all on one a disc, they should just use a 2nd BD DL. I'd rather have to switch discs than have content cut out or reduced in quality.

  4. #24
    Mantagtj Guest
    yep , I remember the day when I had to put 4 disks in my console so another BD DL swap wont make much of a difference plus I got a 320 gb HDD so just compact it and stick it on my HDD $ony.

    you seriously need to impress me $ony after your latest dramas... ps4news.com Rulez

  5. #25
    boob4me Guest

    new BD disks?

    I dont think we will see these disks on ps3. As most games are not even 7-10 gigs.Like Dantas inferno on the X-box 360 is only 7.5 gigs fits nicely on a dual layer disk. So Im pretty sure the PS3 version is the same size.And I do belive PS3 reads dual layer disks!

    So for back-up purposes [soon I hope!!] dual layers will work fine for the PS3 for majority of games! I'v used S.A.K. and all my games will fit on dual layer, So I don't think anyone will need to go and buy a blue-ray burner, any burner with dl combatibility will work fine. And you can pick one up from wal-mart for around $60-$75.. either that or a nice usb loader would be nice.

  6. #26
    Rocky5 Guest
    By the time GT5 comes out it will be on a BDXL lol

  7. #27
    andrew hare Guest
    i see people say that they hope they don't reduce quality, but look at the xbox it only runs dvd.

  8. #28
    mark29 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky5 View Post
    By the time GT5 comes out it will be on a BDXL lol
    This. How much space did final fantasy XIII use on ps3? seeing as how xbox was 3 DLs and was at a lower resolution.

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    GodsSon07 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    I think 50gb will be enough storage for a long time. If not, they can use 2 x50gb or 1x50 & 1x25GB in one game, like final fantasy uses 3 dvd on xbox 360.

  10. #30
    silentkiller223 Guest
    i'm pretty sure that GoW 3 was one of the biggest games, as in taking up space on blu-ray disk and it only took up 35 gigs... so i'm pretty sure this isn't needed for awhile.

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