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    Post [ PS3 Navigation List ]

    Here is a list of all the past and recent PS3 STICKY threads.

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    PS3 NFO Release Archive - Date-Sorted PS3 Releases

    PS3 NFO Release Archive - Date-Sorted PS3 Releases

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    PS3 NFO Release Archive - Alpha-Sorted PS3 Releases

    PS3 NFO Release Archive - Alpha-Sorted PS3 Releases

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    PS4News.com Reviews

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    PS4News.com PS3 Blu-ray Disc Imaging Instructions

    This guide is intended to take a new PlayStation 3 owner through ALL of the steps in order to legally back-uptheir PS3 Blu-ray Game discs. I am starting with my "virgin" PS3 in order to write this Tutorial, and currently fromthe factory it arrives with v1.00 Firmware, which will need to be updated before delving into PS3 Game dumping.Here are the steps, be sure to follow them closely, take your time, and you will learn well. ;-)

    NOTE: Before proceeding, ensure you have a USB Keyboard and USB Mouse available- they are both required.

    Upgrading your PS3 to v1.10 Firmware:

    1) Download PS3 Firmware Update v1.10 ([97.8MB] - this is the minimum version requiredto use Linux on your PS3) and burn it to a CDR (use Nero's "Burn Image To Disc" option with Finalize disc checked and Track-at-once mode) or simply copy it to a USB JumpDrivein the following folder/directory (create it): PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP.As mentioned above, the stock PS3 Firmware (System Software- at the time of this Tutorial) is v1.00 as seen on the PS3's System Informationmenu.

    2) Once you have it ready, turn on your PS3 and insert the CDR or USB JumpDrive and then go to the PS3 System Update in the PS3 browser, select an Update Method, and once you press X you shouldsee THIS screen- make your selection and then proceed to THIS screen.It should now begin copying files from CDR/USB to yourPS3 HDD, and you will see THIS prompt when it's finished.Once you START you will see a User Agreement prompt, andafter you ACCEPT it and view a Warning the actual PS3 HDD Installation will begin.About 2 minutes later,you will see a nice Update Completed prompt, and after restarting the PS3 your Firmware version will be at v1.10- all set for installing PS3 Linux baby!! ~_^

    Installing Linux FC5 & AddOn to the PS3:

    3) Before you can install PS3 Linux, you need to download a few things as follows: the Fedora 5 iSO ([3.38GB] FC-5-ppc-DVD.iso (see HERE for mirrors of the latest version) - burn this to a DVDR using Nero as detailed in Step 1 - mirrors HEREif that link is slow/dead) and the CELL-Linux-CL_20061110-ADDON.iso CDR ([45.2MB] (or the updated version HERE, if that is dead also working mirrors are HEREand HERE) - burn this to a CDR using the same instructions as in Step 1 as well... you will also be pulling a file from this burned disc too, but not just yet).

    4) Now, download the PS3 Other OS Installer and unpack it to your PC desktop.Next, from your burned CELL-Linux-CL_20061110-ADDON.iso copy and paste the otheros.bld file from the kboot\otheros.bld directory of the iSO (CDR) to your PC desktop.Then, take both theotheros.self and the otheros.bld files and put them in a PS3\otheros\ directory (folder) either burned to a CDR (following the instructions in Step 1) or to a USB JumpDrive.On your PS3, from the browser navigate to Settings and then System Settings and then Format Utility followed by the Format Hard Disk menu option- select that and press X.You will then see both aFormat Hard Disk prompt and a confirmation prompt... followed by a Partition Settings menu.

    Select the Custom Partition Setting from the menu, and then Allot 10GB to the PS3 System (if you have a 60GB PS3, if not then use the ...to the Other OS option for a 20GB PS3).It will then show a very brief "Formatting..." screen followed by "Format Completed.Press X to Restart the System." and follow those instructions letting your PS3 reboot itself.Then, insert your burned CDR or USB JumpDrive (with the otheros.self and the otheros.bld files on it) andproceed back to the Settings and then System Settings option from the PS3 browser... and navigate to Install Other OS and select it.

    The PS3 will then scan for either your CDR/USB JumpDrive and then you will see a screen similar to THIS... followed by a prompt to start the Other OS Installer and then an Other OS Installer START screen.After pressing X to another prompt, you will see a License Agreement screen which you must agree to by pressing X once again, and thenyou will reach an Install completed screen a few seconds thereafter.

    5) The next thing to do is grab a USB Keyboard and USB Mouse and plug them into the PS3.Now, go back to the PS3 browser and to Settings and then System Settings followed by Default System and select Other OS as shown HERE.Then turn the PS3 off, and turn it back on and you should see THIS screenwith a flashing kboot: _ cursor.Now type install-fc sda and it will prompt you to insert your burned Fedora 5 iSO DVD and then type Y for Yes and press ENTER on your keyboard.

    You will then see a brief "Initializing install environment..." prompt followed by two options: 1) Fedora Core minimum install and 2) Fedora Core full install... choose full (it includes a GUI) by pressing 2 and ENTER on the keyboard.Then you will see an "Caution!!.All data in /dev/sda are removed.Is this OK?" and select Y for Yes and press ENTER on your keyboard.Now sit back, relax, and shortly it will tell you to come back in approximately 2 hours as that is how long it takes toinstall.

    NOTE: Be sure to check/monitor it around an hour and a half, because if you wait too long it will die and you'll have to start over.It's happened to MANY people, one of the joys of Linux apparently.D'oh! :P

    6) Once Linux installs, the DVDR will automatically eject and you will be greeted with a prompt stating Please insert Addon Packages CD.Is it OK? and so put in your burned CELL-Linux-CL_20061110-ADDON.iso CDR and press Y for Yes.Then, you will be greeted shortly after with "Changing password for user root:" followed by prompts for New UNIX password: and then Retype new UNIX password:

    NOTE: You only get a few tries before it aborts, so be sure to pick a minimum 8-character (all letters work) non-dictionary password or it will reject it.Also, when in Linux the letters you type for the passes will not appear on the screen so be careful when typing and verifying your desired password.If the Addon install does abort due to a password failure, you will be able to reset your passwordafter it reboots using the command passwd.

    Finally, you should see an "Install done.Type reboot to start Linux or type halt to power off" and then a kboot: _ cursor prompt on your screen like THIS.After you reboot the PS3, you will likely see it load Linux to a "1st run only" GUI screen- you can exit out of it when this happens, or wait and it should eventually bring you to THIS prompt (which you'll also be greeted with at eachfuture boot-up).

    NOTE: If you wish to get to the PS3 browser from here, simply type boot-game-os and it will restart the PS3 with the stock OS.Should you ever wish to change your default boot-up OS back to the original PS3 one, simply navigate to Settings and then System Settings followed by Default System and select PS3 from the menu shown HERE.

    Dumping PS3 iSO Images via Linux on the PS3:

    7) So you're now at THIS prompt (each time you boot-up in PS3 FC5 Linux you will see it after Linux loads and you login).The first thing you'll need to do now is type startx and press ENTER on your USB keyboard.This will load the Linux GUI, which makes it easier to navigate in order to dump images, delete images, and transfer images to your Windows XP (or similar) PC.Now when it loads to the Desktop (you may receive an No '/dev/pmu device found' error prompt- just click OK and ignore it if so), click on the top bar'sApplications button followed by Accessories and then Terminal as shown HERE.Next, you will then see a white "notepad-looking" screen with a cursor blinking so simply insert the PS3 Disc that you wish to dump and (after a few seconds pass while the PS3 drive reads the Disc) type the following: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=ps3disc.iso (see screenshot HERE) and press ENTER on your USB keyboard to begin dumping the PS3 Disc.

    NOTE: You don't need to be in the Linux GUI to do this, however, it makes things faster once the image is dumped and you're working with it.Also, the above command is if you are using an internal PS3 hard drive... if you are using an external USB hard drive then you would plug in and mount your external USB hard drive using the following:

    a) Make SURE that your USB hard drive is an EXT3 formatted drive- if you aren't sure, try Google for additional assistance with EXT3 formatting.

    b) If it is an EXT3 formatted USB hard drive, type fdisk -l and press ENTER at the Terminal prompt to determine what disk it is (99% of the time it will be /dev/sdc1).Once you find out, in the Terminal type mkdir /mnt/exthddand then press ENTER.

    c) Now comes the tricky part, in the Terminal prompt type mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/exthdd where sdc1 is the disk determined in Step b) above... followed by this command to begin dumping your PS3iSO image to it: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/mnt/exthdd/ps3disc.iso and press ENTER.

    So after you pressed ENTER, the cursor moved to the next line but you're probably asking yourself "Is it dumping?" and "How do I know when it's done?" so to answer these questions here is what you can do: Minimize the Termainal window (DON'T close it) and from the Desktop navigate to the following: Using your USB Mouse, double-(left)click on the root's Home icon and you will see THIS screen- which is where your ps3disc.iso file is being dumped to.If you are using an external (non-60GB stock) PS3 HDD then you may have to navigate to it using the Linux GUIinstead.

    Now, to find out the PS3 iSO image dumping progress simply right-click on the ps3disc.iso file and navigate to Properties (as shown HERE) and left click on it using your USB Mouse.You will then see your PS3 iSO image dumping progress as is pictured HERE.The SIZE will keep updating until the dump is complete, at which point the numbers will simply stop moving.When it's done, you can exit the Properties window by right-clicking on it's bottom taskbar button and selecting Close with your left mousebutton as shown HERE.If you prefer to delete your dumped PS3 iSO image first, then prior to closing out just select Move to Trash from the same menu as pictured and it will move your PS3 iSO image to the Trash can (located on your PS3 Linux Desktop) for permanent deletion.

    That's it- you've just dumped your first PS3 iSO image!Now it's time to transfer it to your Windows XP (or similar) PC for further examination.

    Transferring your PS3 iSO Images to your WinXP PC:

    8) The next step can be done prior to booting into PS3 Linux (if you are following this Tutorial, then you will need to exit PS3 Linux using the boot-game-os command in the Terminal window) andnow verify that your Internet Connection is Enabled on your PS3 if you haven't done it prior to reading this Tutorial.To check this, from the PS3 browser navigate to Settings and then Network Settings followed by Internet Connection and then press X to make sure it's set to Enabled.Also be sure to follow the instructions in the PS3 Quick Reference User Manualfor selecting Wired/Wireless networking via your PS3, but you do not have to TEST the Internet Connection (it will likely nag you to update your Firmware if you do, which isn't necessary beyond v1.10 Firmware for dumping and transferring PS3 Disc images).If you are using Wired, ensure your Ethernet plug is in the PS3 LAN port with the GREEN light on as illustrated HERE.

    9) Next we need to bring up the PS3 Linux side of the transfer, but before opening the integrated gFTP client in Linux FC5 we need to ensure that your eth0 is ACTIVE.To do this, boot up PS3 Linux FC5 and at THIS prompt type in service httpd start and press ENTER on your USB keyboard.You should now be at THIS screen, and simply select Ethernetfollowed by entering eth0 for both the Name and Device as shown HERE along with selecting/enabling Use DHCP.Once you press ENTER for "OK" you will be back to THIS screen so select Exit and press ENTER.

    Now, once again head back into the Linux GUI using startx and then access the Terminal there (you should now know how, as you've done this a few times above already but in case you forgot look HERE).Now it should bring you to THIS prompt screen, so type the following command and press ENTER after: system-config-network

    It should bring you to THIS prompt, but if it doesn't then simply close the Terminal and navigate to PS3 System Administration Network by selecting System, then Administration, followed by Network and clicking on it with your USB Mouse and you'll then be HERE.Now, select Automatically obtain IP address settings with DHCP and enable (check) Automatically obtain DNS information from provider (like THIS)and then press ENTER on your USB Keyboard.

    Next, we need to test your connection so click on the PS3 Web Browser Icon as shown and FireFox will load to the PS3 Web Browser FC5 Page by default.Now, type in a Web address, press Go, and it should load the page as illustrated HERE.You are now surfing the Web with your PS3- w00t!Test Completed. :PIf it doesn't work for you after following the above steps, you may try restarting your PS3 console and then re-clicking on thePS3 Web Browser Icon,or you can troubleshoot by typing ifconfig in the Terminal to check your PS3 IP address info as well.

    10) Now it's time to rock n' roll... and get your PS3 iSO Image transferred to your Windows XP (or similar) PC! Start the PS3 in Linux, and now we need to initiate an application that will allow you to download files via Ethernet from your Linux PS3 to your Windows PC.The first thing you'll need to do is download and install (if you don't have one already) an FTP Server Client for your WinXP PC.I recommend BulletProof FTP (Free Trial), and if you get stuck setting it up or configuring it then they offer a handy Knowledge Baseto answer many Frequently Asked Questions.

    Once your PC-side FTP Server is up and running on your Network, then in the PS3 Linux GUI desktop navigate to gFTP which is the PS3-side FTP Client application.As pictured, you can get there by clicking Applications, then Internet, followed by gFTP.You will then need to enter your PC's FTP URL and UserName/Password into gFTP.To do so, right-click on the right window pane in gFTP and the Open URL prompt (pictured) will appear followed by THIS promptafter left-clicking Open URL.Press Connect after inputting your PC's FTP Address and related info, and soon after you should see your gFTP-to-PC connection (notice the files from your PC's directory on the right window pane).

    All that remains is for you to now is for you to select (click on) the ps3disc.iso file from the left window pane, and then click on the center arror pointing right to begin transferring your file to your PC as shown HERE (notice the progress indicator at the bottom of the screen).Finally, you may also wish to check your PC-side FTP Server screen as well to monitor the transfer as displayed HERE.It will tell you when the transfer is complete, and then you can disconnect or transfer another file as you wish.Congrats, and welcome to the PS3 scene now! ^_^

    The End (until $ony updates the PS3 Hypervisor via Firmware revisions to block much of what is detailed on this page. *G*)

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    PS4News.com PS2 CDR Imaging & Burning Instructions

    1) Download Alcohol 120% burning software and install it on your PC (You may have to re-boot to complete the installation).

    NOTE: If you are burning the Disc ID Utility obtained from this Web site, go directly to Step #3 below. If you are making a back-up image of a PS2 CD-based game on your PC's HDD, then proceed to Step #2.

    2) Insert your original PS2 CD game disc in your PC's CD-ROM drive and click on the icon for the Alcohol 120% executable and at this screen click on the Image Making Wizard button. As shown HERE, select your CD/DVD Device, ensure the CD Type is CD-XA, make sure the Mode is listed Mode 2 (as shown), and click the Nextbutton.

    Finally, at this prompt be sure you have enough FREE space on your Hard Disk Drive for the image (at least 800MB free is recommended) give your image a NAME, and press the Start button. Once the imaging is completed, go directly to Step #4 below in order to burn the PS2 CD image now located on your HDD to a blank CDR disc.

    3) Using WinZip, un-pack the ZIP file you downloaded here for the DiscID Utility. You will end up with (2) files: a .BIN file, and a .CUE file.

    4) Click on the icon for the Alcohol 120% executable and at this screen click on the Image Burning Wizard button.

    5) As shown HERE, click on BROWSE button to find the extracted .CUEfile and add it by selecting it and clicking the Open button. After selecting it MAKE SURE that Mode 2 Form 1 is listed (as shown), and click the Next button.

    6) Ensure your settings match THESE (specifically the Write Method) and click the Start button. A few minutes later, you should see THIS prompt. Enjoy!

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    PS4News.com PS2 HDD Frequently Asked Questions

    NOTE: HD Advance is NOT compatible with these Japanese PS2 models:SCPH-10000, SCPH-15000, and SCPH-18000 so anything you read below will NOT work if your PS2 console is one of them! The reason for this is because those three models utilize a PCMCIA expansion port instead of a 'DEV9' expansion port.

    1) What do I need to play PS2 games from an internal Hard Disk Drive?

    You will need three things:the HD Advance software, an officialSony PS2 Network Adaptor, and a suitable internal Hard Disk Drive.Either type of Network Adaptor (Ethernet only, or Ethernet and Modem) can be used as pictured below... however, if you haven't purchased one yet we recommend getting an Ethernet & Modem.

    2) What is considered to be a suitable Hard Disk Drive to use?

    Serial-ATA Hard Disk Drives do NOT work with the HD Advance so you have two options here- the official Sony Hard Disk Drive, or a standard IDE Hard Disk Drive with a capacity of AT LEAST 40GB. If you use a standard IDE drive, you will need to make sure that it actually fits into your Network Adapter.There are a few known compatibility issues with some non-Sony Hard Disk Drives such as some modern Seagate drives.These cause problems when used in conjunction with older models of the official Sony PS2 Network Adapter.

    NOTE: If HD Advance says that there isn't a Hard Disk Drive installed, or it freezes at the splash screen for you, then it is due to this conflict.In order to resolve this you will either need to purchase a new Hard Disk Drive or newer model PS2 Network Adapter.

    Both a Sony and a standard IDE hard disk drive are shown below.We recommend using a Maxtor non-Sony HDD ranging in size from between 40GB to 120GB. It's NOT currently recommended to get anon-Sony Hard Disc Drive larger than 120GB simply because theofficial PS2 Network Adaptor only supports drives up to 137GB total.Maxtor drives fit perfectly with the official PS2 Network Adaptor.

    3) Why doesn't the PS2 Network Adaptor support 137+ GB drives?

    It's not possible to actually add code to the ATAD IRX driver which is what would be needed to enable 48-bit LBA support. Also, 48-bitsupport would cause conflicts related to the APA partition system, so the APA driver would most likely need to be patched too.The current APA driver is 32-bit which means up to 2 TeraByte can be addressed by the driver.However, since the current ATAD driver only reports a28-bit value to APA (actually it can report a 32-bit value, but it requires a new method of querying the HDD), so APA will just use the value given by ATAD which starts at 0x9ce80 and ends at 0x9fcbf.

    4) How do I connect/install my Hard Disk Drive to my PS2?

    If you have an official Sony Hard Disk Drive, then please install it according to the directions in its manual.If you will be using a standard IDE Hard Disk Drive, then please install it according to the directions below.

    The first step is to make sure that the Hard Disk Drive you intend to connect to your PS2 will actually fit into your PS2 Network Adapter.Check that the IDE and power ports on your Hard Disk Drive properly align with the IDE and power connectors on your Network Adapter as shown in the picture directly below.

    The next step is to configure the jumper setting on the Hard Disk Drive so that it is set to MASTER.To find the correct jumper settings for your Hard Disk Drive, either check the label on top of the HDD,or consult your reference manual.Now, attach the Hard Disk Drive to the Network Adapter by lining up the IDE and power connectors and pressing firmly, as shown in the picture directly below.

    Carefully slide the Hard Disk Drive into the PS2 expansion bay now,while making sure the HDD stays plugged into the Network Adaptor.

    Finally, push until the Network Adapter is connected to the back of your PS2, and then screw in the screws on the back of the Network Adapter to secure the Hard Disk Drive and Network Adapter in place.

    Congratulations, you have successfully connected a Hard Disk Drive to your PS2 console!Be sure to check out our site's HD Advance page for the most up-to-date comparability list of PS2 games. Enjoy!

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    PS4News.com Image Patcher Instructions

    1) Open the Image Patcher utility and click the Select Image File button located at the top of it. BROWSE your PC until you find thePS2 game back-up image file you made, then select it and click on the Open button... it should look similar to THIS screen shot now.

    2) Press the Scan File button, and observe the results obtained in the window below. Next, click on the Verify Version button and if the DNAS Version is recognized by the utility you will see THIS UN-PATCHED data below (varies based on the files found)... and the Disk ID boxes will turn WHITE allowing for character input.

    NOTE: If your image files contains a DNAS Version not recognized by the Image Patcher utility you can try the Disc ID Insertor instead, or wait for the next Image Patcher update to come.

    3) In the WHITE boxes enter the valid Disc ID you have obtained from your original PS2 game disc and click the Patch button. You will now see a prompt similar to THIS showing that the .IMG files found have been successfully patched with the Disc ID you entered in the WHITE boxes. It's not necessary to Un-Patch unless the Disc ID has been incorrectly entered prior to pressing the Patch button.

    4) Finally... burn your patched PS2 game back-up .iSO image file using Alcohol 120% if it is a CD-based image as detailed HERE, or use DVD Decrypter if it is a PS2 DVDR image. This is done by selecting MODE->iSO->WRiTE, browsing and selecting your now patched .iSO image & clicking the Decrypt Button below. Enjoy!

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    PS4News.com PS2 Online Fix Instructions

    1) Determine if your original factory-pressed PS2 game disc is a CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM by looking on the package OR disc label. If it is a CD-based game, follow the instructions HERE for making a back-up image of it on your PC's HDD. If it is a DVD-based game,
    then download and install DVD Decrypter.

    NOTE: If you made a CD-ROM back-up image, go directly to Step #3 below. If you are making a DVD-ROM back-up image then proceed to Step #2.

    2) Once DVD Decrypter is installed on your PC, insert your originalPS2 DVD-ROM game disc into your DVD reader drive and open the DVD Decrypter application. Next, select MODE->iSO->READ, select a Destination on your Hard Disk Drive and a File Name for your .iSO image, and then click the Decrypt Button below. Assuming you have enough free space on your NTFS-formatted HDD, yourPS2 DVD .iSO image will be made in several minutes!

    3) Now that your PS2 game back-up image is made, you'll need to download the Disc ID Utility V0.2A and burn it to a CDR as detailed HERE. Once burned, load it using either the Memory Card Exploit, by using your pressed (original) Swap Magic CD disc, or via solderedPS2 mod-chip. Once the Disc ID Utility is loaded on your PS2 console, follow these three steps and record (on paper) in this format theDisc ID: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX that appears on your TV screen.

    NOTE: Using the Disc ID Utility on back-up discs will generate randomuseless ID numbers... only original pressed PS2 game discs will provide valid Disc IDs.

    NOTE 2: If you are using a Magic or Messiah series PS2 mod-chip:

    To obtain a valid Disc ID, load the Disc ID Utility in your PS2.Next, press the EJECT button and put the original PS2 game disc in.Now, press and HOLD the EJECT button (closes thePS2 drive tray) and press the X button on your controller at the same time to bypass the mod-chip.To verify, continue to hold down the EJECT button while pressing the X button a few more times to ensure the Disc ID you are obtaining is VALID.

    4) Once you have obtained a valid Disc ID, determine which method you'd like to use to patch your PS2 game back-up image beforeburning it.There are currently (2) DNAS Patching methods available:

    Image Patcher V1.6 OR Disc ID Insertor V2.20

    Both patchers accomplish the same task (patching the Disc ID),however, the Image Patcher patches entire .iSO images and theDisc ID Insertor patches the Disc ID into individual files from the image.If you choose to use the Image Patcher, then click HERE. If you choose the Disc ID Insertor, continue to Step #5 below.

    5) Download and install iSOBuster on your PC.Next, open the PS2 game back-up image you made earlier using by selecting File->Open Image File in iSOBuster and selecting your .iSO image.Navigate through the directories in the left-hand margin for ALL of the DNASXXX.IMG files as shown HERE and right-click on them and select Extract for each- this will copy them to a designated directory on your PC's HDD.

    NOTE: Some games will have 1, 2, or even 3 of these files, and they will NOT always be located in the same directory.Also, some titles will use IOPRPXXX.IMG files instead of DNASXXX.IMG files so be careful when searching for them to extract- don't miss any!

    6) Now that you have all of the .IMG files extracted from your game image, download the Disc ID Insertor and extract all the files contained in it to a single directory on your PC and double-click on the dnas_id.exe file.Click on the Browse button to locate your extracted XXX.IMG files, note the corresponding DNAS Versionwill be selected automatically when loading in the utility each .IMG file, and enter your previously-obtained Disc ID in the spaces below and click on the Patch button.

    Repeat this process for ALL extracted DNASXXX.IMG files... as we mentioned before, some games will have only one, some several, and some games use the IOPRPXXX.IMG files instead of DNASXXX.IMGfiles.In any case, be sure to patch ALL of them found in an image...unless the Disc ID Insertor utility tells you a file doesn't contain DNA$ in it as shown HERE (simply skip patching those files then).

    NOTE: Failing to patch ALL of these required files from a game back-up image will result in still receiving a DNAS error when going on-line... so check carefully to make sure you don't miss any unless you received THIS aforementioned prompt on a file of course.

    7) Next, download and install WinImage on your PC.Then, open it and go to the Options->Settings->Image tab and when there be sure to select (check) Allow Updates... as shown HERE. Now, open your previously-made .iSO game image in WinImage and BROWSE it until you come to the exact directory where each of the .IMG files is located and click the Inject Button.

    At the pop-up prompt, browse to each patched .IMG file, selectOpen, and then click YES to all of the forthcoming Inject prompts. Repeat this process for all of the .IMG files that you extracted and patched, and then exit out of WinImage (re-saving your modified .iSO game image is done on-the-fly, so not necessary to do again).

    NOTE: If you receive an "Image is Full" error when injecting files you areNOT in the correct directory for each .IMG file being injected!

    8) Finally... burn your patched PS2 game back-up .iSO image file using Alcohol 120% if it is a CD-based image as detailed HERE, or use DVD Decrypter if it is a PS2 DVDR image. This is done by selecting MODE->iSO->WRiTE, browsing and selecting your now patched .iSO image & clicking the Decrypt Button below. Enjoy!

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    PS4News.com PS2 Compatability List for HD Advance

    PS2 Hard Disk Drive F.A.Q.

    Compatibility List For HD Advance:

    NOTE: Some recent titles may require a specific HD Advance Version to work.

    Before a game is added to the list as "Not Working" the individual reporting it as such must try ALL 8 COMBINATIONS located on the HD Advance's FiX Menu screen posted HERE. The 3 modes are like "toggle" switches, and any settings you change are preserved for each title even after restarting the PS2 console.

    How are there 8 COMBINATIONS when there are only 3 modes?

    Default mode is when modes 1 & 2 & 3 are all disabled (#1), you can enable mode 1 only (#2), enable mode 2 only (#3), enable mode 3 only (#4), enable modes 1 & 2 (#5), enable modes 1 & 3 (#6), enable modes 2 & 3 (#7), or finally enable modes 1 & 2 & 3 (#8). Please do NOT report a title to us as "Not Working" without testing all of the mode combinations first.

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