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Thread: PS3 Motion Sensor Development Kits Making Way to Devs

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    PS3 Motion Sensor Development Kits Making Way to Devs

    At E3 2009 Sony first unveiled their new PS3 Motion-sensing Controller for the PlayStation 3 console.

    Since then, Sony America marketer Peter Dille has revealed that Sony's motion sensing development kits have already been making their way into the hands of developers.

    Dille also revealed that Sony is a bit past the research phase, to quote:

    But it seems as if Sony's motion tech is more near completion than previously thought. Sony America marketer Peter Dille told GameSpot that its already found its way into developers hands.

    "We're a little bit past the research phase," he said. "We're having conversations with the third-party community. The dev kits have started to go out to the third parties as well. They're working on the tech. They couldn't be more excited about it."

    We must admit it did look lots of fun fun aiming arrows at skeletons, as Sony did during its presentation.

    That said the smart money would be on Microsoft's Project Natal arriving before PS3's own movement detecting device. Not before Wii MotionPlus hits stores though.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    moshebe Guest
    the demo looks amazing, its looks far more advanced than the wii.

    this new addon for the ps3 will definitely mark the new ps3 era in the console wars.

    now the only thing to wait for is a loader

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    Slaphead1000 Guest

    Motion Sensor

    I agree. I loved the spray can and the laser whip shown at E3! Just brilliant. And finally, all these innovations in movement based gaming give me the chance to tell all those video game nay sayers to s*d off - playing games is now a workout!!!

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I dont have words either to describe the motion controller or the other stuff that sony unveiled at E3. Please be sure to check out all the coverage from the playstation store its really great and also the news here at

    Im thrilled to play all these titles coming out and all the new content showing up at the playstation store just make the ps3 cooler every day. Im also looking forward to white knight chronicles which looks amazing.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    It looks like Sony learned from their little experience with Trophy integration.

    By the time this is released, we should have several games for it. I'm excited to see what comes of it. I do have a Wii, but this 1:1 movement tracking is absolutely amazing. And it's even on my PlayStation 3.

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    shummyr Guest
    this could be very fun, i hope they have a handful of games to work with this when it is released so its not like the trophy thing all over again.

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    proskopina Guest


    i think slowly sony puts out the power of ps3, and next years will see more nice thinks and tricks from sony.
    we just have to wait for everything!!!

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    DrFrankenstein Guest
    This tech I swear I have seen it already, I did some cleaning at a development studio about 8 months ago and they had "wands" with pink and green balls on the end, It could be they were playing around with this for the PS2 and original Eye Toy.

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