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    zoned Guest

    PS3 Motion Controller to be at Game Developers Conference 2010

    Today SCEA's Kirk Bender of Developer Support and Research Manager David Coombes have confirmed that Sony's PS3 Motion Controller will be shown at the 2010 Game Developers Conference in a presentation on March 11th.

    To quote: "The PlayStation 3 Motion Controller will be shown at the Game Developer Conference next month, it has been announced.

    Titled 'Introducing the PlayStation 3 Motion Controller', the session description has confirmed the features of the devices, but does not specify what it will explicitly cover.

    Recently delayed until the autumn, the controller has yet to be given an official name, release date or launch line up."

    The GDC conference, based in San Francisco, will run from March 9 to March 13, 2010.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Dreamcatcher Guest
    I just hope that this will use the CURRENT Playstation eye for the motion capture...

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    iomega1972 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamcatcher View Post
    I just hope that this will use the CURRENT Playstation eye for the motion capture...
    Or will be the second valid reason for leaving the controller to store. The first reason is the number of games that will support it worthily

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    Orypd Guest
    The PS3 eye is more than capable of working with the motion controller.

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    Poopsqueege Guest
    I agree, the ps3 cam is awesome. They used it on the videos where the motion controller was first shown; it would probably be used for the real one.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I still watch the E3 demo from time to time about this. They were using the original ps3 eye on that, so it stands to reason it'll be used.

    If they don't, then they better release some pretty good games to convince me to buy a second camera...

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    JFTS Guest
    I don't mind if it requires the PS3 cam. It will be awesome! My only complaint is that glowing ball at the top of the contoller (as seen in E3 2009) I think they should replace it.

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