Well, it looks like that CECHG01 model PlayStation 3 wasn't the only one that the FCC got to spend a bit of time with recently, with the hereto unheard of CECHH01 model now also finding its way into a couple of more recent filings with the commission. While we can't say for sure what's what, that model number is certainly more than a tad similar to the recently revealed 40GB CECHH00 model announced for Japan, which would seem to suggest that this one can't be all that different.

Read: FCC filing / Watchman, PS3 model info

Additionally, from what little info we could glean online (see link above), it appears that this particular model packs a "new board" and, most likely, two USB ports instead of the usual four. More on this as we get it.

PS3 model CECHH01 lands at the FCC

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