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    PS3 Memory Card Adaptor (CECHZM1) Allows Free MC Boot Install

    Today PS2 homebrew developer jimmikaelkael has released Free MC Boot (FMCB) Loader v1.8c and MC2USB Adapter Tools while confirming that the PS3 Memory Card Adaptor (CECHZM1) now allows for Free MC Boot installations via PC.

    Download: Free MC Boot (FMCB) Loader v1.8c & MC2USB Adapter Tools / Free MC Boot (FMCB) Loader v1.8c & MC2USB Adapter Tools (Full Repack) / PS3MCA Tool FMCB v1.8c (With BAT Files) / GIT

    Additionally, he states that this new release is especially good for countries like Brasil, which imported their consoles from different Sony MagicGate regions.
    • You can now install FMCB from a PC to MC with these MC-Adapters!
    • You can sign MC-KELFs to your MCs directly from PC!
    • You can make multi-region-installs!
    • The FMCB1.8c-Loader finally includes the V0-Kernel-Fix for those old SCPH-1x000-Consoles (this gives users of those old models the ability to run a few homebrew-apps, which were previously incompatible to those versions)!

    To quote: We recently found a new way to install FMCB with the PlayStation3 Memory Card Adaptor (CECHZM1) connected to your PC. Since this device is somewhat cheap, it could be a good alternate way for those who don't have access to an already hacked PS2.

    The method consist of a command line software and using set of commands (or scripts) in order to install the FMBC hack properly. It also has the advantage to do a multi region/models installation.

    One restriction is that the software doesn't work with Datel's MC (mainly related with setting a proper termination code for communications) and maybe with some other brands, however it was tested successfully with official 8MB Memory Cards and with some crappy Chinese clones too.

    Currently the FMCB loader being installed is v1.8c which contain an important kernel fix for the 10K.

    The util to allow to communicate and sign the file for the MC was made by me and "someone who wants to stay anonymous". Note that without this anonymous contributor it would have been impossible to achieve it.

    PS3 Memory Card Adaptor (CECHZM1) Allows Free MC Boot Install

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    Fantastic thanks a bunch! I've been waiting for something like this for the longest time.

    I've successfully compiled the tool in linux without an issue, and it seems to be working fine so far.

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    But you need FW 3.55 of course? Or does this also work on 3.65?

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    Does this work on 3rd party adaptors? Cheapest ones go for under 7 usd in deal extreme...

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    I never had a hacked PS2, so I don't know what MC Boot is. Is this basically making it so you can rip PS2/PSX iso's to your hdd and play them?

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    I've never used it but it's basically an ELF launcher for the PlayStation 2 that will run PS2 homebrew applications including uLaunchELF, ESR, SMS, HDL/Advance and so on. Our PS2 section is dead so I posted it here as it now is able to be installed using a PS3 Memory Card Adaptor.

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    jimmikaelkael has all my respect for his fantastic work. I tested this on my SCPH-50004 PS2 with unofficial 64MB Memory Card and it works perfectly. PS2 rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    But you need FW 3.55 of course? Or does this also work on 3.65?
    Are you serious ? OMG!!

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    This is a nice new way to avoid many of the usual hassles to exploit a PS2.

    All that have done it before (PSX exploit for example) know this

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    I thought this was a way to play PS2 games on PS3. Way to get me excited! But this is good news since I bought the adapter when it first came out. Put it to use again. WOW the PS3 scene just won't stop, you bad boys!!!! Good work Condor, Dean and PS3news group keep getting bored.

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