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Thread: PS3 MegaBox Linux Media Center Updated to Version 2.1 Final

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    PS3 MegaBox Linux Media Center Updated to Version 2.1 Final

    It's been quite some time since we had an update on PS3 MegaBox (or similar frontends) primarily because Sony removed the OtherOS and Linux options from the PS3 Slim.

    However, yesterday DemonHades (linked above) experimented with installing the latest PS3 MegaBox Linux Media Center via USB pendrive.

    That being said, those who wish to revisit PS3 MegaBox can grab the recently released version 2.1 Final (1.3GB in size) from Spanish site Megalandia along with some compatibility and multilanguage fixes.

    For those curious, PS3 MegaBox v2.1 has the following features, roughly translated:

    - It turns your PlayStation 3 into a complete system multimedia.
    - It takes advantage of to the maximum the possibilities your video console.
    - It transforms the television into your main maintenance center. It enjoys like in your PC, but from the comfort of your hall.
    - It accedes to Internet, electronic mail, films and videos in network, series, music... unloading thousands of gratuitous games.
    - Programs of office, work with documents "Office" in their television.
    - By very little, it secures a pile of new applications directly installed in your PlayStation 3 and without effort.
    - It supports practically to any format multimedia (except that they produce a high consumption of resources, example. HD video).
    - Recording and pause of TV (experimental, card of TV not including).
    - Installation and very simple handling from the control (gamepad).

    MegaBox v2.1 Media Center PS3 Information to unload installation:

    1. v2.1 ISO unloads the MegaBox file.
    2. Grab in a DVD with any program of recording that has supported files ISO but to the slow speed.
    3. It introduces the DVD in your PS3 and loaded the OtherOS file that comes in the DVD.
    4. It reinitiates his PS3 in another Operating system and prepares for the installation, control PS3 to being without his connected cable USB.
    5. Button PS of its control beats.
    6. It selects in the starting the DVD and is comfortable.

    [imglink=|PS3 MegaBox Linux Media Center Updated to Version 2.1 Final][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 MegaBox Linux Media Center Updated to Version 2.1 Final][/imglink]
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    tuomi Guest

    Nothing new to the table

    Unfortunately the development on the linux-side seem to have stagnated and this release doesn't really bring any new functionality to the table... I guess we won't see this happen either since they've dropped linux support on the latest SKUs.

    Im still hoping tho that some enthusiasts pick up some old consoles and start hacking away soon..

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    mckarlsson Guest
    Do i need Ubuntu for that ? or another linux distribution ?

    i have yellow dog linux... :-/

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    calagan Guest

    Attempt at improving the "rough" translation

    The Google translation was really awful, so here's my attempt at improving it:
    • Download the file MegaBoX v2.1.ISO
    • Use any software that support ISO burning (eg. Nero) to burn the ISO image to a blank DVD at the slowest possible speed
    • Insert the burnt DVD into your PS3 and load the OTHEROS file
    • Reboot your PS3 in OtherOS mode, with your gamepad connected using the USB cable
    • Push the PS button
    • Select the boot DVD and get comy while it installs

    @mckarlsson: you don't need ubuntu or any other linux distro to install megabox

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    Kellog Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by calagan View Post
    @mckarlsson: you don't need ubuntu or any other linux distro to install megabox
    Ok, but does my YD Linux still work, if I install this ?

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    Hosted Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kellog View Post
    Ok, but does my YD Linux still work, if I install this ?
    No, it will delete your previous OS.

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    hubert1982 Guest
    So how do you install from a usb stick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hubert1982 View Post
    So how do you install from a usb stick?
    Here is a rough translation via the DemonHades post ( on it:
    MegaBox from Pendrive

    To install MegaBox from Pendrive:

    • PS3 FAT (not slim)
    • MegaBox
    • Pendrive of 2GB
    • Winhex
    • Active kill disc for Windows
    • USB keyboard and mouse (optional)
    • Sixaxis gamepad
    • OtherOS installer


    1) Assign 10GB of your ps3 to another operating system (this formats the hard disk of your console, considers to do back up of your data)

    2) Install OtherOS and Final MegaBoX writing-desk v2.1 (is necessary to install it before nothing, for this puts the file famous to otheros.bld within pendrive with following route X/PS3/OTHEROS/OTHEROS.BLD).

    3) Now mount iSO raw in Pendrive... With iso raw mounted in pendrive sees and only takes your PS3 in way otherOS and from the screen otherOS selects icon of megabox and press button X.. this would install MegaBox in your console in only three steps and 10 minutes!

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    iloveyou Guest
    One of my friends just installed it, and it seems to be very good. But the HD Movies are not possible... it just hangs... thats the bad point, but the rest is very good. Useable

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest
    In my opinion all linux distros (this is just another flavor) are at the current state just for show, nothing of real uselfulness is possible on them...

    I mean yeah you could edit files, listen to music and all, but sooner or later you will run into a show stopping bug (I cannot use my Bluetooth mouse with Ubuntu for a year now...). And with Sony just cutting out the OTEROS from the slims did a lot of damage for the PS3 Linux Supporters...

    I for one I'm one of them but... well I'm using it a lot less now! (don't want my media center to be cluttered with cables! and a Wired Keyboard is ENOUGH for me!)

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