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Thread: PS3 Media Server v1.02 & v1.02.1 BugFix Now Available!

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    PS3 Media Server v1.02 & v1.02.1 BugFix Now Available!

    Over the weekend ps3mediaserver has updated his PS3 Media Server application to version 1.02. Today, some users reported a few issues with it so he fixed them and released a version 1.02.1 update.

    Downloads: PS3 Media Server v1.02 / PS3 Media Server v1.02.1

    The author states: If you have no troubles with 1.02, you can skip 1.02.1, as this one has very few fixes, aside this major bug:

    1.02.1 Fixes:
    - Major Bug in server start due to a faulty MAC address retrieval
    - PMS do not start after activating the archive browsing option
    - Media library small fixes

    1.02 New Features:
    - Auto-updater, default configuration, cleanups and windows/linux build scripts (thanks to Tim Cox)
    - Media library (also act as a parsing cache): you can sort your files by date, ID3 tags, etc.
    - Playlists (m3u/pls) support
    - Preliminary album art support, better audio (flac) and tags parsing
    - New options for video resolution, deinterlace filter, and archives browsing
    - Video settings with an easier virtual menu (A/V sync, deinterlace, ...)
    - Windows service installer (working on 32 bits only)
    - New image parsing library: Better performance / EXIF support (sort photos by camera model, etc.)
    - DVR-MS addon

    1.02 Fixes:
    - A/V out of sync issues with some ISOs and medias / codecs support improvement (flv, rmvb, hdmov, mp4, multichannels avi, etc.)
    - External subtitles not always loaded
    - Upnp advertising issue in search reply to the ps3 (thanks to Daniel Pedersen)
    - SkipLoopFilter is now disabled by default
    - Regression since 0.98, server would not start on some machines
    - Newest builds of ffmpeg/mplayer/mencoder for win32
    - Usual bunch of fixes

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    ruibragarui Guest

    error dnls in ps3 media server


    anybody help me.. i see the movies with stream Ps3 media server but i have times with the movie is down because have the error dns.

    anybody explain to me this?

    thank you

    im sorry with my english im portuguese

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