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Thread: PS3 Media Server Beta Update v1.20 Build 412 is Now Available

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Yes - that's the whole idea of this software. It will show up as a Media Server on your network / PS3. Just go ahead and try it and you'll see - easier than expalining here

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    raydan1234 Guest
    if you use it with showtime 3.0 you dont even have to use the on the fly reencoding (nor any other remuxxing etc) of the ps3 media server as it streams mkv directly... its not yet perfect thought... 720p playback works quite well, 1080p starts to stutter where it does not when transcoding mkv for the "normal" xmb media server playback.. i found a renderer conf working for me... over here:

    p.s. thanks to sportsstar99 for that... and btw the reason it stutters at 1080p is that (at least showtime shows that status) the cpu is too slow... dunno how that could be since untouched stuff runs just fine but im not that deep into that kinda stuff

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    New Guy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Yes - that's the whole idea of this software. It will show up as a Media Server on your network / PS3. Just go ahead and try it and you'll see - easier than expalining here
    thanks.. tried to but the app on the pc did not detect the ps3.

    it was on and in JB mode with my dongle.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    There are a few things that could be affecting you NewGuy...

    PS3 -> Settings -> Network - Media Server Connection: Must be enabled.
    PS3 must be connected to your home network
    PC must not have a firewall that's blocking PMS's port (or you should allow it through!)
    - note the port can be set within PMS

    If it's still not found, on your PS3 go to VIDEO then "Search for Media Servers". If still not found, refer to the PMS site for further advice.

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    New Guy Guest
    I have no idea what PMS tbo. I have a router that i have some apps that have their ports forwarded. I did notice usually the ip from ftp homebrew is the same as the main pc. Some media things usually is visable on my ps3 bug has never found anything or worked.

    If i have ports forwarded do i still need to disable my fw? I have been online with ps3 just just the media server seems to never work.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Check the firewall on your PC (not router). If you have checked that "Media Server Connection" is enabled - the problem will most likely be with the PC's firewall.

    I wouldn't recommend disabling the firewall permanantly, but you could disable it for a few mins and try it. I doubt that your router has anything to do with the problem - based on the fact that you've stated you have previously used your PS3 online.

    The problem is with your internal network. You could unplug the ADSL line from your router (and therefore the internet) and you should still be able to use PMS because it should be on your personal network. My educated guess is that it's either Windows firewall or some other software firewall that you have installed on your PC that is causing the problem.

    (Hope this makes sense - it's late and i'm very sleepy!)

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    New Guy Guest
    thanks. i went through and opened everything and i got in and working. 1080 sucked, alota lag in 720.

    question though.. does these transfers/streams count towards my isp? like i have a 100gb data cap .. will streaming a 4gb 720 file will it be counted towards that as normal bandwith being sent to other computers?

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    EiKii Guest
    you will not be streaming over the net, just on your internal network, so it shouldn't be a problem, the data never leaves you network, and your ISP is counting in/out from the web!

    you should be fine.

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    New Guy Guest
    thanks, that's what i was hoping even though i noticed it killing my bandwidth lol

    thanks for the help fellas

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow PS3 Media Server v1.31.0 is Released

    Below is PS3 Media Server v1.31.0 with the following changes:

    Download: PS3 Media Server v1.31.0 (Windows) / PS3 Media Server v1.31.0 (Mac) / PS3 Media Server v1.31.0 (Linux)

    PS3 Media Server v1.31.0:

    • Built from SVN r787.
    • Released as beta because many code changes haven't been widely tested yet.
    • People have been testing the SubJunk Build, but I have so many things in there right now that aren't in the official trunk so the testing doesn't apply to the trunk as much as it usually does.
    • This will hopefully give us a more trustworthy idea.

    • Updated OS X MPlayer to enable external VOBsub, ASS/SSA and Fribidi support
    • allow update checks to be performed manually (Windows only)
    • allow automatic update checks to be enabled (Windows only)
    • simplify PMS customization for packagers of custom builds
    • logging fix for headless configurations
    • Added experimental support for iPad / iPhone
    • Fixed DVD ISO playback on OS X (thanks, jjmojojjmojo!)
    • Added support for the AirPlayer app
    • Added support for Samsung TV model SEC_HHP_TV (thanks, coax-!)
    • Added Aperture support on OS X (thanks, coax-!)
    • Added thumbnail support for images (some code from here:

    Upgrade Notes:

    For 1.23.0 and above:
    • Just uninstall the older version and install newer one

    For versions prior to 1.23.0:
    • To retain your old settings you may have to copy your old config file/s to a new directory.
    • To find out where the new directory is on your computer, run the program and go to the Traces tab and look on the 14th line, the line that says "Profile directory:", that is the folder your config files should be saved now.
    • If you use the "media library / cache" option you should reset it.

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