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    barrybarryk Guest
    I have no problems using the windows media center pnp (my server is a windows machine so it was the most hassle free setup) even for 1080p streaming. Anything in mkv or other unsupported formats I just convert, as mkv's have generally poor support not just on the PS3 and I have more than one device I stream to.

    With normal divx or xvid files you'll always have the best compatibility and you'll not have to worry about transcoding on the fly which is very CPU intensive. Using dynamic playlists will help keep things organised and it'll always just work.

    I've no problem using this server though I've tried it a few times but I need an idiot proof, no hassle solution as I'm not the only one watching my media. Both this one and TVersity work but their problem is in the setup and configuration which can be very complicated and if you want to transcode 1080p movies on the fly you'll need to have a very strong CPU sending.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    i've downloaded this but i'm not able to play movies on my ps3 using this... The files are listed but only the songs that are in mp3 format can be played... The avi and mkv files show that there are no tracks and they cant be played...!! Please help... I thought it would be better to ask here in an ongoing thread rather than opening a new thread at the help and support section... Btw i'm running win7 and running the program as admin if that matters..

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    scousetomo Guest
    use mezzmo it supports mkv and iso or a even better one is wild media server as ive tryd them all tversity and the earlyer ps3 media server and i can stream even 3d mkv no stutter or freezing neither i hope this helps some of you out.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Please don't take this the wrong way, but you are trying to play the video's via VIDEO and not via MUSIC on your PS3 aren't you?!
    (It will only play MP3's/music files via MUSIC, Avi's divx/xvid etc will only play if selected via VIDEO)

    (I've been caught out myself by that - browsing through video clips while in the MUSIC menu!)

    Re setup & configuration:

    I run mine on an ACER REVO Nettop (not very powerful at all) - Generally i don't bother with the transcoding and almost everything plays (very well).
    I haven't really bothered with the transcoding, but i've got everything set as per the DEFAULTS and when i do want to transcode on the fly it works (albeit it pretty badly on my machine)
    So - my situation:
    1. Install it
    2. Run it
    3. Add some media folders, hide the #transcode# folder, hide transcode engine names, hide media library folder - leave everything else as is.
    4. Ensure firewall / router are correctly configured
    5. Watch near HD quality tv shows on my PS3

    (Don't get why people slate this so much - its a superb bit of software, my experience has been so much better with this that with TVersity)

    Actually, i've just been fiddling with some of the transcode settings here and it's working flawlessly on my Acer Revo (running win7 with a windows rating of 3.3).

    If anyone's interested in my settings, let me know and i'll post them for you maybe all you need is to tweak yours and it will work.

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    edwardecl Guest


    What are people talking about this program not working?

    I've tried this program on three different computers and a virtual machine (WinXP VM, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Ubuntu Linux). And for streaming 1080p h.264 (MKV) it just simply works and uses very little CPU (was using my old 2ghz single core in linux) so obviously people here have not followed the instructions properly.

    Now TVersity, that program really does run like crap and transcodes everything rather than just changing the container, and the interface makes me want to headbutt the desk. But each to their own.

    The only problem I'm having with the Linux version of PS3MediaServer is not being able to transcode 24bit flac to 24bit lpcm (in a video stream), the Windows version works but not the Linux and that makes me sad.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    Yea i'm playing it through the video option.. The video menu has an option to search for media servers so i do that and then after identifying it lists the media server under the video category.. I'm able to browse through it to my laptop but the thing is that it only plays mp3 files while still browsing through the media server listed in the video category but doesnt play the mkv or avi files...

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    That really doesn't sound right to me - you shouldn't actually be able to play the MP3's via the PS3's VIDEO menu. You should only be able to play them via the music menu - i know because this is the one thing that's always annoyed me about the XMB. Personally i think there should be a separate XMB menu (link network/game etc) for "Media servers" that just lists everything in one place and allows you to start MP3/Pictures or Video in the same place!

    With regard to the search for "Media Servers" option (which BTW appears on Pictures,Music and Video in XMB) - you shouldn't actually need to do this manually - it should just show up a few seconds after you start up PSM on your PC. If it doesn't show up automatically, then there may be something wrong with your router/firewall or something(?).

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Sorry again for the double post
    (I only really write that so you can see this next bit is from a 2nd post! lol)

    Ok, so i've taken some images of my settings in case they help anyone out - here they are:-
    (Note i've only taken images of the main transcode engines - the others might as well be disabled in my case)

    General Config:


    Transcoding (Common):-

    Transcoding (Video):-

    Transcoding (Audio):-

    Transcoding (Misc engines):-

    (You might need to right click and "open image" to see them properly

    Should also note that i run mine using the pms.bat file, which i modified to the following:-

    [Register or Login to view code]

    (Increasing the available memory by changing the -Xmx bit to: "-Xmx1536M")

    Oh and as a side note - i've just noticed that they've updated to 1.21.1 today too! (Announcement link: http://www.ps3mediaserver.org/forum/...hp?f=8&t=10736)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Arrow PS3 Media Server (PMS) v1.22.0

    Here is another update to PS3 Media Server (PMS) v1.22.0.

    Downloads: PS3 Media Server (PMS) v1.22.0 (Windows) / PS3 Media Server (PMS) v1.22.0 (Linux) / PS3 Media Server (PMS) v1.22.0 (Mac)

    • Many file compatibility bugs fixed (particularly MKV, MP4 and DVD ISO)
    • Help tab improved
    • Improved alphabetical file sorting (old method is still there for those who liked it)
    • Language fixes and updates
    • Added custom profiles
    • Added new renderers: Sony HX7, Bravia NX8, Panasonic Viera range
    • Network traffic prioritised properly (thanks to bgm)
    • 48fps videos are now supported
    • Various other fixes

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    For anyone who is using PS3 Media Server: PS3 Media Server 1.22.0 is released (posted above).

    Looking at the release thread, it seems that a few people are saying that the latest PS3 firmware doesn't support PMS anymore either (worth bearing in mind if you're actually considering installing it!)

    PS3NEWS - don't know if you want to put this on the front page - in particular the bit about the latest PS3 firmware not liking PS3 media server (including the latest version).

    EDIT: Oops kinda missed the boat on the announcement there didn't i - still I think the bit about the latest PS3 firmware not liking it (maybe other DNLA servers too?) was worth mentioning!

    Edit/double post 2: p.s. your link to the MAC download is the older build (1.20.409) - not that i care, just thought it worth pointing out

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