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    Bishoff Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    That's the problem, my PS3 and PC are in the same network, but I can't find my PC via Mediaserver. But I don't care, I've my external HDD and much work to do with Jailbreak and FTP. So no time for movies. But thanks for explaining it.
    huh? start PS3 media server, turn on PS3, go to ps3, view goodies on pc, watch on ps3...

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Still can't find it, but it's okay. Maybe I must open a port or something like that, but it doesn't matter.

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    TRib Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    That's the problem, my PS3 and PC are in the same network, but I can't find my PC via Mediaserver. But I don't care, I've my external HDD and much work to do with Jailbreak and FTP. So no time for movies. But thanks for explaining it.
    Thats odd, but with the PS3 media server its the other way, the ps3 media server is the one that searchs for your PS3. Maybe this way you got lucky, which i doubt, but its worth to try.

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    easy2boy Guest
    I'm using this tool for long now... nice to have an update!

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    aamir007 Guest
    Nice to see its been updated, nice and simple application to use for streaming.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Yea hehe, whenever a screenshot isn't included with submissions I just Google for one and stick it in... in this case I searched for PS3 Media Server and that was one that popped up.
    Here's a better image for you (it's one of PS3MediaServer!)

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Don't know why people have problems with this - but I find it SOOOOO much better than plugging in a usb drive...

    1. Install PS3MediaServer
    2. Setup "General Configuration" tab to use the correct network card (if you have more than one!)
    3. Setup "Navigation/Share settings" (Basically just add links to your media directories in the shared folders bit at the bottom.
    4. Save, then Restart HTTP Server (buttons at top)
    5. Click on Status - it'll tell you if it's connected to your PS3 (or more correctly, when it's detected an incoming request from your PS3 since it's the PS3 that actually initiates the connection)

    Also required (on PS3):-
    in XMB navigate to settings, then Network Settings - ensure "Media Server Connection" is Enabled.

    Possibly also required:-
    Check PC's firewall to ensure it allows the program through.
    If you're not sure why it's not working, try disabling the firewall for a min and use the XMB->Video->Search for media servers option.

    If you still have problems, it's possible your router is getting in the way somehow. Suggest you go to the PS3MediaServer forums and search for similar problems.

    I love this thing - My PC has 2 1TB External drives attached which are shared using this, not to mention my 4TB NAS server (on which i have an implementation of ushare installed!)

    The other benefit of all this is that I can watch stuff on my Bravia TV, or in the bedroom on my D-Link DSM510 media player.

    Best thing since sliced bread (although PSJB comes in a solid second place - if not joint first!)


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    DeViL303 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hayman View Post
    hope it's better than ps3 media server (java)
    I don't know what you are talking about!

    This is one of the best PC - PS3 APPS available, been using it for ages it streams 1080p mkv files absolutly perfectly, even before I got my Quadcore, it is very user friendly, installs all the required files for you (lots of smaller progs,codecs).Even video files that dont play using it normally (which is rare) can often be played just by going to transcode folder on PS3.It allows you to browse a folder of DVD ISO files on your PC and mount one and stream it automatically to XMB just by pressing X.Tell me , how could this app get much better?!

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    PSPSwampy Guest

    PS3 Media Server v1.21.0 for Windows and Linux is Released

    It's been a while coming but a new version 1.21.0 of PS3 Media Server has been released for Windows, Linux and Mac!

    Downloads: PS3 Media Server v1.21.0 for Windows / PS3 Media Server v1.21.0 for Linux / PS3 Media Server v1.21.0 for Mac

    PS3 Media Server v1.21.0 Changelog:
    • Support new devices: Android, Nokia N900
    • Improved support for XBMC
    • Support MKV header compression in most MKV files (less "data corrupted" errors)
    • VOBsub subtitles are now supported on Windows
    • Multithreaded MEncoder works on more things now
    • Bandwidth optimisations
    • New Help tab
    • More file sorting options
    • Improve error logging
    • Buffer reports more accurately
    • Properly support MEncoder multithreading on newer CPUs
    • Updated MEncoder and FFMPEG
    • Processes ended properly on Linux
    • Many images added and updated in the program and Windows installer
    • Support thumbnails for other aspect ratios than 16:9
    • Support double-NTSC framerates
    • Added DVD & VOBsub subtitle quality option for MEncoder (AKA subtitle anti-aliasing support)
    • Many language fixes and improvements
    • Config files are saved in AppData on Windows now instead of the install directory
    • Folder names containing commas are now handled correctly when loading settings on startup (thanks, Targeter)
    • GameTrailers support fixed
    • WEB.conf parsed properly now
    • iTunes library loads much faster
    • Newer version of JRE is automatically downloaded for users who don't have it
    • Window size tweaked to support lower resolutions better
    • Internal scrollbars added for when content overflows
    • Improved audio parsing
    • Updated many dependencies
    • Fixed DVR-MS support
    • Fixed LPCM audio streaming
    • Improved support for plugins
    • Improved support for VLC Media Player
    • Fixed many minor bugs



    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the update PSPSwampy, promoted to the main page now and +Rep!

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