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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Media Server 1.03 Update Now Available!

    Over the weekend, ps3mediaserver has updated his application to PS3 Media Server 1.03 (Props to Massy for the news).

    Windows users who own multicores processors will be pleased to know that this version includes a custom build of mencoder optimized for multicores and H264 content, based on the great work of the ffmpeg team.

    Benefits? Recent CPUs are now fully used, rather than the usual 60-65% usage with the default mencoder build (that means a 30% performance gain on mine for example)... so you can almost ditch your CoreAVC/AviSynth installs.

    Download: PS3 Media Server 1.03 (Windows) / PS3 Media Server 1.03 (Linux) / PS3 Media Server 1.03 (Mac OSX)

    Changelog v1.03:

    - Customize encoding parameters (along with default ones) for any given container/codec/property combination (purpose: A/V sync, playback issues, and tweaking for advanced users)
    - Ability to select networking interface
    - OSX 10.4 Tiger support (Intel only)
    - Settings reorganization
    - M4V now streamed by default, you have to enter the #Transcoded# folder to force the transcode (like AVI files)
    - WMA now transcoded by default
    - Italian localization
    - WINDOWS ONLY: Use (only with 720p/1080p H264 content) an experimental mencoder build for multicores
    - New OSX icon (thanks to Jakob Karlsson)
    - Added a "Skip/Force transcode extensions" option added if default settings don't suit you
    - Possibility to only remux AC3 audio tracks and not reencoded them


    - Default platform charset issue
    - Transcode buffer optimization on Windows
    - Application crash on Windows when too many widechars filenames were parsed
    - Audio tracks sorted by track number (if present) in media library
    - Better filenames/subtitles management (m2ts/ts/dvr-ms issues, comas, widechars, etc.)
    - External subtitles not always loaded, again
    - DVD images are listed in the media library
    - Fixed RSS parsing for Youtube and maybe other feeds
    - AviSynth/VideoLAN not always detected on Vista 64bits
    - Unavailable engines exclusion on OSX/Linux
    - Fixed console mode on Linux

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    skyliner33gtr Guest
    the man is a genius! ive been dealing with tversity and this is the best media server for the ps3 hands down!! tversity was good but this has all the bells and whistles and they all work!!!! a brilliant masterpiece of software!!!

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    toxsik Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by skyliner33gtr View Post
    a brilliant masterpiece of software!!!
    It really truly is, works great for me.

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    sorceror Guest
    Pretty slick. I've been using MediaTomb on Linux, but I tried this over the weekend and it works at least as well, and has transcoding by default.

    The transcoding had some audio sync issues, but I haven't really tried tweaking anything yet. This is very promising software, I'll be keeping an eye on it.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    I've been using TVersity too since a very long time but since I just changed my computer I might as well check this.

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    alexroy514 Guest
    Had anyone compared this with Windows Media Player's media server... is it better? Because i am currently using WMP as a media server on all my computers and it works just fine. Is there any performance advantage with this media server?

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    Hover Guest
    great.. I'm going to download it and give it a try now!

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    tetsu81vn Guest
    I tried this, but it's a little slow on 720p HD movie

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    trasek Guest
    Someting I was looking for looong time... I have tried several media servers incl.Nero, TVersity etc... TVersity worked for me well but I could not transcode some types of files even they worked without problem on my computer. Also PS3 media server has much faster and more quality transcoding output than TVerrsity.

    Also Subtitles works fine with no special settings like in TVersity. I love it, but I am not able to set it as Windows Service in XP. Even I set it to Automatic in Service list, it never starts after turning PC on. But I am looking forward to future enhancements to the media server..

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