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    plains203 Guest
    Many thanks for this I will have to give it a go. I have been using Nero Home (version 3) and it is not very good.

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    darksyde Guest
    Wow, very impressed with this application so far, especially the playing of mkv files, definitly seems flawless and without quality loss.

    Considering this is only version 1.0 of this application, i see great improvements and features to come. Maybe this can be the XBMC for PS3??

    1 feature i would love to see, which is available on XBMC is the ability to play media files that have been compressed in many rar files, therefore saving you the trouble of having to unrar files before playing them.

    Anyway very happy with the app, keep up the good work, and i look forward to the new features to come.

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    daveribz Guest
    - Ready to launch and play. No codec packs to install.
    Then, what are the FFMPEG and other codecs package for?

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    xtianoPL Guest
    I love this I've use a google media server, but this is much better

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    Erz Guest
    I just connect my PS3 with my PC? Is that it?

    I'm sorry for my noob question (V_V)

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