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Thread: PS3 Media Server 1.00 and 1.01 BETA Updates Available!

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    jasontm Guest
    I have a P4 2.4 Ghz w/ 1g ram. XP Pro

    How can I configure this app so my movies that I'm streaming wireless won't skip all the time?

    I've been on the phone with linksys and they don't think my wireless router is the problem.

    I did notice however it was using alot of memory.


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    Castrovania Guest
    I have been a longtime user of TVersity and within 5 minutes of using this program I have decided to never go back. VERY easy to setup and run. GRAB IT!

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    IHM Guest
    Very funny about the save button comment, LOL, i do know the save button is there u know, what i am saying is it does not save the settings for some reason?

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    jevolution Guest
    what os are you in?

    if in vista, try running in admin mode... if in xp make sure none of the files in the folder (including the folder itself) is set to read only in the properties

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    hyperspaced Guest
    Does it re-encode the video when streaming the subtitles?

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    sammyke007 Guest
    Tnx, this is very useful!!


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    I Kick Puppies Guest
    Thank god ive been looking for something better than tversity

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    Rafix Guest
    It's very good! Thanks!

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    jameshero Guest

    iTunes compatible

    Was wondering if there is any kind of iTunes integration like MediaLink for Mac which lets me see my music, videos and tv shows sorted as they are in iTunes?

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    WeedsmokerLOL Guest
    This is great, works perfectly.

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