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    yea im not trying to flame just some good old debate sorta thing. sorry i can sometimes come off aggressive. I see your point that his speach is hard to understand and it could of been inturrpreted wrong. I watched the WWDC (i think thats what it was) and osX apps can be compiled on 1 disc to work on both x86 and the Gseries proc's so maybe the first osX discs for next year will be both, who knows. I think you have a good point that if apple doesnt release a os for the ps3 then it will prolly be hacked on. the business part, well "some" exlcusives move over but later on, like gta, halo (although made first for mac), sonic :P hahaha, etc. but the main titles stay on their console. Yea with the x86 leaked maybe apple just wants ppl to make their own drivers etc. and explore the os so IF they did release a pc capable osX it would have support already.

    as for a 200 dollar mac here you go
    It wont be the fastest one but i wouldnt mind doing that...except that case blows.

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    sorry to double post.. just re-reading the thread... saw pimps quote from the article...

    "He name-dropped Linux and Mac OS X as possibilities for the default operating system in the PS3."

    And it hit me. No he didn't. I saw that speach, and he mentioned that that processor can handle them, but said absolutely nothing about a default OS. E3 coverage was so very distorted this year. Like the whole "All old Nintendo games will be free" bit, or "XBox 360 will be completely backwards compatible". No, No, and No...

    Thank you video game journalists for representing things you misunderstood as facts...

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