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    Sep 2006
    well i'm really excited about the xbox at this only officially releases here tomorrow (that's right folks...the 30th Sep 2006)...just as usual we only get stuff when everyone else has already enjoyed it for a year or two.

    Look it's a colour LCD on that cell phone...and a car that can start with a key! Ooh it's a house with IOL (instant-on-lighting) with the press of a switch!

    /climbs back into cave with elephants and lions

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    Mar 2006
    better im sure as h@ll gonna buy the sucker the first day it comes out...

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    gosh I remember how stoked I was for the PS2 launch one year out of high school... this whole PS3 launch makes me feel young again. I can't wait for the release. One good thing about getting older is that you have more money to buy these expensive new consoles hahahaha

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