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    PS3 Live Events App Hits Today, Watch WWE SummerSlam Sunday

    Sony Entertainment Network Marketing Manager Andrew Varda announced that the PS3 Live Events application arrives today, and those interested can utilize it to watch WWE SummerSlam this Sunday.

    Below are all the details, to quote: John Cena will take on Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship this Sunday, August 18th at 4:00pm Pacific Time - and you'll be able to watch directly from your PS3!

    You can watch WWE SummerSlam and many more live events to come using the new Live Events Viewer PS3 app that launches later today after the PlayStation Store update.

    The Live Events Viewer PS3 app will serve as a hub for your favorite sports, concerts, and other entertainment events. The Live Events Viewer allows you to watch live content or catch up with on-demand viewing of wrestling events, concerts, races and more all with no subscription and no commitments.

    Some live events will be offered on a pay-per-view basis and other events will be completely free. New events will be added weekly, so be sure to check back each week.

    To get ready for WWE SummerSlam, download the Live Events Viewer app for free:

    • Log on to the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 3 system.
    • Scroll down to the Apps section and find Live Events Viewer for download.
    • Once the Live Events Viewer is downloaded, find it on the XMB under TV/Video Services.
    • Log on with your PSN or Sony Entertainment Network username and password.
    • Then, enjoy watching WWE's SummerSlam this Sunday, including the pre-show starting at 4:00pm Pacific Time (7:00pm Eastern), and other to-be-announced live events on the Live Events Viewer.

    Tell your friends about the newest addition to the PlayStation Store by joining us on Twitter and Facebook.

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    omegaprime29 Guest
    cool app for the ps3, thank you

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    VSPROD Guest
    somebody know the ID? Or where i can download the pkg? Thanks

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