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    Yes true kuu that is no way to speak to an Admin. and will not be tolerated.

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    Man, I hope Ubuntu will be ported over to the PS3. That'll be extremely sexy.

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    It will be, any distro that has a power pc build will be runable on the PS3. I specifically remember hearing that Ubuntu will work with the PS3.

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    @ Kuu its seriusly not cool to talk to an admin like that, to nobody it is, i asked what the linux kernel is, so does that mean im an idiot to couse diddn't know something ?

    @ The rest Thnx So the PS3 can switch into an difirent OS. Does anyone know if it can autoboot in the OS or does it need to be selected every time again in the XMB ?

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    Kuu, don't flame on this board, especially flame a mod. Next time I'll delete your post, because it has nothing to do with the topic. You don't have a physical ps3 so you can't really comment on it.
    Chiyo, that's for Sony, or the company that makes yellow dog linux, to decide. However, I think that you probably will have the option. As I don't have a copy of yellow dog linux atm, I can't really confirm anything for you.
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    what distro linux the ps3 go run ?

    Who have tested linux in the ps3 can please teste the Gentoo linux if it run. !


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    It can be autobooted, theres basically a spot in the flash, 0 or 1, saying which OS to boot to, so you can set it to always boot to PS3, or Linux, and inside linux, you can run the command "boot-game-os" , to swap over to PS3OS!

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    Aha, thnks, changeble OS is realy nice, but i like the XMB how i have it now to


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