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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickWilly440 View Post
    Why does the Kiosk have to be so big? So it can grab all the attention of the customers?
    Apparently... Size Matters after all!

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    Wow... those are some snazzy pics The Mango!

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    No gamespot I ever been in can accomodate that big thing. Only bigger stores like wally world can hold one of those.

    @Mango nice room, You buy them from ebay or do you just hound the game stores till they sell them to you?

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    i knew it. i've seen it before, even before i open the attachment. before you get your hopes up this is the Kiosk in Japan. if you look at the poster to the right you'll see that its japanese. Im not sure if all the kiosk are gonna be the same tho.

    im not sure whats the big deal here tho. its just tall. half of it is just a picture of PS3. any kiosk could've just add a big poster on top of it. although i like the TV that their using.
    can't wait to try it.

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    yeah, i'm just amazed at how big that is. it's kind of ridiculous, but it's still exciting.

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