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    PS3 Square Button PS3 Homebrew and Security Speculation/Editorial

    I wonder what kind of security Sony implemented in the PS3 exactly.

    Many sources suggest that the PS3 can run any third party software.

    But I wonder if theres a catch like with Microsofts XNA Game Studio Express.

    If this where true, it probably wouldn't be that hard to code an application to get games booting off the HDD, assuming a way is found to extract the game contents from a PS3 Blu-Ray game, again probably could be done if there is zero security (console side). Obviously Sony wouldn't want this happening. So I'm guessing there must be some sort of security, I don't think Sony is that stupid (but then again look at PSP firmware version 1.00).

    I also wonder if Sony took a hint from Microsoft's security in the XBox 360, with buffer overflow protection and other things making it seemingly impossible to every get unsigned code running on the system. (Still crossing my fingers)

    Say they did screw up on security and they try to fix it with a firmware update, from what I've read and seen it seems to be stored on the HDD (1.10 update is 110MB in size) ,maybe not though in it's entirety (It updates the kernel/XMB separate or It's all stored somewhere on the motherboard)
    (scroll down to update by way of personal computer)

    Anyway lets just say it is all stored on the HDD, and since it seems that any HDD can be used with the PS3 in place of the original (2.5 inch SATA) It wouldn't be that hard to have two HDDs, one with a homebrew friendly firmware and the other with the newest one. This would also make homebrew very easy.

    My point, it seems there is a decent chance we'll see homebrew on the PS3. Assuming that there is no security, or little, and that Sony failed to take a hint from Microsoft.

    These findings and ideas brought much joy to my day and I couldn't help sharing them. What do you guys think?

    Third party HDD compatibility based on the results of this site (I don't know if its 100% accurate)
    Firmware Version number and HDD capacity/info both on same screen, suggests more so that the update is stored on the HDD.
    (maybe just a coincidence) (Kraken also posted a link to this site so i assume Its ok, if not go ahead and remove it)

    I'll just have to wait till I get my hands on one to do some more testing.

    Can't wait till Friday. Woho!

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    Well I know when it comes to Linux we're going to be able to run it in it's full glory. The makers of Yellow Dog Linux have already verified the many packets that are included which cover pretty much anything anyone would want to do on a computer. I know they're going to be able to keep piracy down through the Linux system by making it load a a separate entity, requiring a full reboot of the system to get back into the "game running" interface.

    As homebrew goes, I bet it will be very open - Sony seems to be relying on their new encryption method with blu-ray to really cut down piracy...and even if that's totally cracked I'm sure they have some sort of failsafe way to prevent iso loading.
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    The thing to remember is that Sony has live updating via newer games. I'll break down my thoughts on this matter.

    How PS3 will be stout against piracy:

    Expensive medium and expensive backup hardware required. Blu-ray drives cost well over $700 dollars and the medium is $14 each at the cheapest.

    Live update of the firmware. This is killer and I have zero ideas upon why it can't shut out the sceeners for good. Unless you don't want to play new games or don't want to play online.

    The high price point will discourage people initially to have their systems modded. Even though I personally cant solder for beans, I'd have little to no issues with soldering inside a PS2. A PS3 however wont be something I'm willing to take apart at a price point of $600 + $150 in games +$50 in another controller. Once the manufacturer warranty is up I'll take it apart after the year of Toy's R Us warranty is nearly up and after I do so ill simply throw it out the window of our second story or something and get a new one for nothing. This way I'll be experienced in dis assembly and I'll get a new PS3 (more then likely a second or third hardware revision) and another whole years worth of warranty!!!

    Sony can, and should be reading these forums and others. If they see how these things work, and have access to them then theres no reason why they couldnt change things to foil the programs they don't want running.

    How PS3 will be the pwn for certain kinds of homebrew:

    Yellow dog linux. I suspect highly that ports of emus will be released (or even new one's created because of the lack of DX support)

    The yellow dog Linux gives us something in that we can make files on our home computers where we can pretty much do what we want and then get them onto the PS3. I highly suspect that the yellow dog Linux and the ps3 os will be very very much separated and no real easy way of getting the PS3 to do what we want from the Linux side. If the ability to run PS3 games is lost once you enter Linux then this is less useful. Until we find a way around it = ).

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    One thing that I am curious about, and dont think its been brought up before is this.

    Say I have a good save on my PS1 memory card of a Final Fantasy 7 run that I havent quite yet completed. Now I no longer have a PS2 because I sold it in order to get enough cash for the PS3. I want to start off and finish FF7 on the PS3 where I left off on the PS2. Can we, and if so how, get pre existing saves from phsyical PS1/2 memory cards onto the "virtual" memory cards of the PS3???

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    There are adaptors for ps2 memory cards which has been shown on this months OPM.

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    Exactically, the whole third party/homebrew stuff is via Linux, simply put. Yes, it will rock for linux on the PS3, and yes I will be using it. But because of native linux support, for FREE too (after one month), Sony can get away with it.

    1-> Maybe OSX on PS3.
    2-> Remember that court case, about the PS2 not being a computer? Cant say that about the PS3 now!
    3-> Linux!!

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    I'm really excited to see how everything will shape up. I'm really hoping it will be able to do some spectacular things that we haven't seen done before on a console (I'm sure it will).

    I suppose we'll know more once it's released in the states.

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    Well now there is a way to install and run any linux distro that has a power pc edititon.

    There is also a list of issues with the PS3's backwards compatibility. Such as the PS3 doesn't work properly with PS2 games that require use of the PS2 hard drive. Some games which can use PS1 saves don't work because the PS3 doesn't recognize ps1 saves while in PS2 mode.

    Heres a full list of the current BC problems:

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