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    N3M3515 Guest

    PS3 Home (Closed) BETA Patch v0.9.4.2 coming June 25th

    PlayStation®Home closed BETA version v0.9.4.2: Welcome to the latest update to PlayStation®Home closed BETA which will be available from Wednesday 25th June.

    Below you'll find information on all the changes and additions but we would also like to tell you about our plans for the next few weeks as we are preparing PS®Home for a larger audience and another change will happen shortly.

    On about the 10th July we will be moving [email protected] to what will be its long term home and this will entail a new release of this code for you to download. This will also remove all your save data for which we apologise, but this will be the last time that happens and we will also be then setup to expand the beta soon after.

    We will confirm dates for this next change shortly but now its time to talk you through the changes to [email protected] in v0.9.4.2

    The first item we need to mention is our new patching system. When the patch is released the first time you connect you will be prompted to get the latest files as normal. If you decline the patch and then still try to log on to PS®Home it will crash. The new patching system is really built for v0.9.4.2 upwards and its compatibility with 0.8.6 is limited.

    Targeting system
    What your character targets when looking around is now controlled by a new system that combines character position, facing and camera orientation. By making some existing elements interactive you now have a means of going full screen with videos and posters and also viewing extra information about items of furniture. You will also find it easier to target characters around you and check their profiles.

    Chat animations
    If you're chatting with text or voice your character will now animate to visually indicate that you are communicating. This is not lip syncing but it should help conversations feel more natural.

    Alert System
    We have started to replace pop up messages, where appropriate, with alerts. Previously a pop up would notify you of an event, like an invitation, but they would interrupt whatever you were doing and demand attention. The alert system will make interacting with things like this less intrusive; allowing you to deal with them when it suits you.

    A means of reading and handling your alert messages has been added to the PSP under "Messages". An example of something new we can do with this system is the alert you get when a friend enters or leaves your location.

    Modular download system
    The items in PS®Home, like clothing and furniture for example, are now downloaded dynamically on demand - a bit like downloading a location the first time you visit. This means that PS®Home is more modular and we can add and remove things easily and, importantly, without the need for a patch. This will allow us to expand and update PS®Home easily in the future.

    World Map
    The World Map allows us to represent all of the locations using our "chip system" interface and also allows you to add favourite locations to your PSP. It's hard to describe such a visual system but we think you'll see what benefits this will bring - especially as more and more locations are added.

    New character loading and relocation transitions
    The white screen you see while relocating and the blue squares on the floor as you load into a location were a frequent source of questions and complaints. They have been removed and replaced by something much better.

    The first thing you'll notice is that when you relocate your view of the world will fade and blur and then the new location will draw into focus.

    The blue squares on the floor have been replaced with ghost characters which will help you feel like you've arrived much quicker. These ghosts can be interacted with as if the normal, fully loaded character was already there.

    The old system brought a sense of disconnection to moving between locations and so we feel this new approach is not only quicker but does it without taking you out of the experience.

    Relocating to a friend
    We have added additional spawn points to each location that are used when you try to go to or invite another person. As a result you will appear much closer to the target, you will be facing them and the friend icon above their head will flash. This will allow you to meet up with your friends much faster.


    Back and exit
    We've made a change to the way you exit from a system (like the Wardrobe or World Map). Previously [CIRCLE] had been used as a universal back and exit function. However this does not work in a global service like PS®Home where the [CIRCLE] button has a different function depending on where you live in the world. Therefore whilst [CIRCLE] remains a back function within a system to exit that system you press [START] and choose "Exit".

    An extra benefit of this change is that you can exit from a system at any point now - you don't have to return to the top level any more.

    Picture Frames
    While the implications of sharing pictures via the Picture Frames in your PS®Home Space are being debated, this function has been removed.

    You can no longer access the Wardrobe whilst in someone else's PS®Home Space. This prevents the problems that can occur if they leave their own PS®Home Space whilst you are still there but in your Wardrobe.

    Game Launching
    This now supports Parental Controls.


    Character customisation
    Several aspects of facial customisation have been adjusted to allow a greater range of possible values:
    - Brow set
    - Eye size
    - Eye droop
    - Lip depth
    - Lip twist
    - Chin width

    Animated objects
    We've started to animate objects in the scenes to make the world a more natural place. Take a look at the boats in the harbour for instance; you will see a gentle bobbing motion now.

    You'll find more clothing options available to you in the Wardrobe and the Marketplace.

    Graphics Engine
    We've improved the specular lighting for indoor locations and outdoor shaded areas. For example, look at the floor in your Harbour Studio apartment.

    PSP Themes
    We've added some new background images and icons for you to spruce up your virtual PSP to your liking.

    Bug Fixes
    That loud noise you would sometimes hear when people spoke on voice chat has been tracked down and fixed

    There are far too many bug fixes to mention them all individually but we have spent some time working on the stability issues that you have all witnessed before, and you should witness noticeable improvements.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    wicked insanity Guest
    I currently have v0.83 still running on my PS3, who thinks i should try and update to this version when it is released, or do people still think i will show the infamously familiar copyright error...

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    briguy992 Guest
    Sounds awesome.

    I'm hoping to sign up for Home when the time comes!!

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    N3M3515 Guest
    The update was released early, it's available for download right now (June 23rd).

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    wicked insanity Guest
    If i upgrade to this new version, can i uninstall and redo the v0.83?? Just if it does go wrong and the copyright errors are still there then can i revert back to 0.83 by triangle, delete??

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by N3M3515 View Post
    The update was released early, it's available for download right now (June 23rd).
    Yep, apparently the update is around 84MB and fixes the picture issue, so now you can put your own photos in frames at your home space.

    They also added a communication option when you hit select, changed the catagories for animations, added a lot more preset sayings for people with no keyboard or mic, and added a new way to watch videos from the big screens.

    Some pics below for those interested.

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    Vasichko Guest
    Would you happen to be a beta tester from the US?

    If so would you mind uploading your save data?

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    Apr 2005
    I'm not a BETA tester myself, but the O.P. is as far as I'm aware...

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