Update #2: Diverge let us know HERE that tomorrow, May 24, 2007, PS3 Firmware v1.80 is scheduled to be released ($CE Press Release). Those interested in the proposed features/changes can read all the details via the link. In related PS3 news today, NoxOm has made more progress HERE in scanning his PS3 (EUR) HDD- enjoy Dev'ers!

Update: In other PS3 news today, according to NFO.PS3News.com the GODS @ Paradox have released MLB_07_The_Show_USA_PS3-PARADOX (NFO File available)! Also, SDL MAME v114u4 For PS3 is now available and a PSN Avatar Pack For PS3 among other new files in our PS3 Downloads section. In more PS3 news, NoxOm is reporting the following HERE:
Found somenthing interesting on COD 3.. Start the Game, then go on Multiplayer after you connect to the network press O (circle) and immediately eject your BD and the you will automatically boot on the Ps3 OS... Don't understand why..

(Work on FW 1.10 US and 1.70)
<A HREF="http://www.ps4news.com/news/HDFury_Final.jpg" target="_blank"></A> Recently we shared a PS3 HDFury Video courtesy of HKMod.com. Today, as posted on the official Web site HERE the HD Fury Retail Pics are now available- click on the adjacent thumbnail to enlarge it, and also a picture of the PS3 HDFury Retail Packaging is also available! To quote from their site:

HDFury will be available in 3 editions:

(HDFury Module is the same in any editions only the supplied cable is different, therefor anyone who need the module only can get his hands on any editions)

Cable is ALWAYS optionnal, for example VGA Xtender is supplied in case your display have tiny space and a backpanel, you may need to use the VGA xtender so your back panel can fit back correctly

- BLUE: Standard Edition (RGB/VGA display with SUB-D HD15 FEMALE input)
HDFury & VGA > VGA Xtender (10-15cm) [SUB-D HD15 FEMALE/MALE]

- GREEN: Marquee/NEC Edition (5x BNC FEMALE input display)
HDFury & VGA > 5x BNC Xtender (10-15cm) [SUB-D HD15 FEMALE/5x BNC MALE]

- RED: Barco Edition (DB9p FEMALE input display)
HDFury & VGA > DB9p Xtender (10-15cm) [SUB D HD15 FEMALE/DB9p MALE]

As many Barco owners already have a source connected to their 5x BNC input, we made a special BARCO edition with a DB9p cable that you can hook up on Port3 of your Barco proj. However the Green edition is also suitable for Barco (on port 5) and any others display with 5x BNC input (for ex: some high end PC monitor have 5x BNC input) The Blue Edition is the most common and standard for HDTV, LCD, CRT, PC screen, any display with a SUB-D HD15 FEMALE input.

The backside of the packaging (see HDFury pictures & packaging section) will represent the different "hooking" way and will be printed accordingly to their color code : RED for Barco, GREEN for Marquee/NEC and BLUE for the standard edition.

Easy to remember: R/G/B

As a bonus, you may like to heard about some of our unveiled features:

- HDFury have a +5v input (ONLY needed if your HDMI cable is over 10 meters !)
- EDID detective feature: HDFury EDID eprom can be reprogrammed by your computer through it's Graphic Card ! (This feature is reserved to professionals)

PSP Files: PRXInfo v0.2 For PSP, Recovery Menu Launcher For PSP, Bleach: Heat The Soul 4 583MB (JAP) PSP RipKit, Driver76 (USA) 492MB PSP RipKit, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End (EUR) 409MB [Spanish] PSP RipKit, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End (EUR) 414MB [Italian] PSP RipKit, Driver76 (EUR) 512MB [French] PSP RipKit, PSP-Devolution Programmer And USB x32 And x64 Drivers, PSP-Devolution Install Manual, Custom Firmware v1.62 Increasing Edition D Update 2 For PSP, SCEP v1.7a For 3.40 OE USB Preview 3 For PSP, RemoteJoy And GUI v1.51 PSP Video PRX Mod For PSP, Resurssiklunssi v0.2 RCO Tool For PSP, DJ Max Portable 2 (JAP) 940MB PSP RipKit, and Harvest Moon: Innocent Life (EUR) 88.3MB PSP RipKit.