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Thread: ps3 hdd usb port?

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    nashgranstrom Guest

    Question ps3 hdd usb port?

    is there a usb port on the hard drive for ps3 or is it just inside?

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    cs475x Guest
    do u mean like a usb port for pc -> ps3hdd connectivity?

    if so, no - there isnt

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    ricorodriguez Guest
    If you really want to read your hdd on your pc then you can either use a usb adaptor, or just plug it into your SATA interface

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    ddrmanxbxfr Guest
    you could also use an external sata enclosure 2.5" And connect it by usb or firewire at your preference that's what i am using. Works nice!

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    pdxubaru Guest
    The internal HDD of the PS3 connects using SATA. You can connect most any external USB HDD to the PS3 via the USB ports on the front of the machine. If you want to access your PS3 HDD, you can plug it into your computer via the SATA. I don't believe the filesystem is anything windows would be capable of reading anyways.

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