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Thread: PS3 HDD Options: Western Digital 500GB 2.5" Ships, 1TB by 2010

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    PS3 HDD Options: Western Digital 500GB 2.5" Ships, 1TB by 2010

    If you're still having trouble tracking down Samsung's SpinPoint M6 to boost your PS3 HDD storage space, Western Digital is now shipping a PS3-compatable 500GB 2.5-Inch drive ($220), with a whopping 1TB drive expected by 2010.

    To quote: WD has just announced that it has started volume shipping its 500GB 2.5-inch Scorpio Blue drive, a notebook drive with 250GB per platter and a 5,400rpm spin speed. Seagate expects to ship its half terabyte 2.5-incher before the end of the year.

    Our sources say WD and Fujitsu will have 750GB 2.5-inch drives by mid-2009 and 1 terabyte units by early 2010, if not the end of 2009. WD is building quite a track record of pipping Seagate by introducing notebook drives at progressively higher capacity points first, doing this with 250GB, 320GB and now 500GB models. This may not continue as Seagate has been catching up and will strive to match and exceed WD. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Exit24 Guest
    I just put a 250 gig in my PS3 a few months ago. I thought that was going to be good, but with the way PS3 games are requiring HDD installs now who knows. ah well, I guess I can't wait forever.. there will always be something bigger and better coming out. a 500 gig would have been nice though, lol

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    I Kick Puppies Guest
    I found a seagate 320 gig 2.5 SATA drive for $80!!! Ill post the link if I can find it again..

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    scottycondr Guest
    ive already got a 2.5 500Gb sata drive. ill try upgrading to it on thursday when i get home and let you know how it goes.

    It only cost me about 100'ish so if it works ill let everyone know were to get 1 from.


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    parkerparker Guest
    1tb drive would go down well... i've got a 250gb already and its at 80%... 2010 is too long away.

    we need it NOW! Hey does any of you guys see any peformance difference between manufacturers?

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    Transient Guest
    You could have a 1TB drive today if you don't mind using an external SATA drive. Even if you aren't happy with the Frankenstein look, you could get something like Hyperdrive which is basically just an internal-to-external SATA adapter which plugs into your hard drive slot.

    I personally use a 500GB drive (via the Frankenstein method ) and I'm already running out of space. I install every demo as well as a few HD movies, so 1TB would really be ideal IMO.

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    CoreTX Guest
    1 TB? NOT a PS3 option. "Some" documentation told me that current firmware allows HD sizes up to 750 GB. Not more...

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    Ontige Guest
    Wasn't there a lock at 500gb?! When did they raise the allowed capacity and where to read?

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    F4b10 Guest
    500 gb no... there are ps3 with a 750 gb hdd and they work flawlessly, so if there is a cap it should be for 1tb+

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    recluSed Guest
    Has anybody here actually got to a point where the extra space has been necessary? Until we can load our games onto the hard drive I don't think I will need a HDD swap.

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