hi all this is taken directly from the official playstation website help chat with a engineer........dont ask

ere goes, hope it helps sum1

names have been changed for obvious reasons

steve.......me ps3 nemesis
james.......ps engineer

there is sum bs stuff first but ya no!

James : Hello steve. Welcome to PlayStation Chat, how may I help you?
steve: i have a couple of questions i need answering
steve: no 1. how do i install psx games so that i dont scratch or damage the cds as i cant get them any more in the shops
James : You are not able to save the games onto the hard drive or install them. They will need to be played from the disc.
steve: damn
steve: ok no 2.
James : If the games do get damaged you may be able to buy another copy of the game from the manufacturers
steve: thats 2 expensive
steve: i cant get online with resistance fall of man and i never hav bin able 2 all i get is an network error unable to conect but i have no problems with warhawk or mortal kombat 2 online
James : Are you using a router to connect online?
steve: i do
James : You probably have port numbers blocked on the router
steve: all ports are open and running corectly tho
James : Below is a list of ports that you may need to open
James : TCP: 80, 443, 5223, and Port Range 10070 - 10080
UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070
James : If the ports are already open you may need to contact your ISP.
steve: ok i forgot my copy of resistance is usa and i hav a jap ps3 and i liv in the uk
steve: will that make a diference
steve: i hav contacted my isp and no ports are throttled or blocked
steve: no3. do u have a release date for the classic games on the ps store
James : This may be a compatibility issue your experiencing. Have you been able to try a UK copy of the game online in your PS3?
James : Unfortunately we do not have any release dates here.
steve: no i dont have a uk or jap modle of the game but i have been on the official forumn and a few people hav this problem its not just me
James : Do you know anyone else with a UK copy of the game?
steve: im sorry i do not
James : Do you know anyone with a UK PS3?
steve: no
James : You mentioned that other people are having the same problem on the forums. Do you know if they have a similar setup as yourself, i.e., Japan console, US game and living in UK
steve: also is it possable to buy games from the usa store
steve: yes they do it seems to be a compatabilty problem i think
James : It is more than likely a comparability issue
James : You are able to purchase games from the USA store, however you will need a credit card which is registered to an American address
steve: well i am able to buy from the jap store with my uk card
steve: but i cant from the us store
steve: do have a list of what classic (ps1 ) games are being released and when on the uk store and jap store
James : Unfortunately I am not sure why you are able to buy items from the Japan store. From the information I have been given you need a card that is registered in the country to access that country's PlayStation Store.
James : I do not have any release dates here. You may find this information on the Internet
steve: it might b that its a jap console and that its the master account it will have 2 do with the digital signiture of my ps3 and the ps stores signiture
steve: is it not possible 2 convert the ps1 games 2 a ps3 recogniesable image like you can for the psp then install it on ps3 hdd
James : No it is not possible to do this. It may become a feature with future updates, however I can not confirm nor deny this
steve: i hope so as i hate 2 damage my origonal ps1 game cds
steve: is there a website were i can find futre release dates about the ps stores
James : You may find the information on www.PlayStation.co.uk
steve: no ive tried that nothing
steve: is there any help u can give me on home-brew apps on ps3 like they was on ps2
James : Home-brew is third party software. We are unable to offer any support on it
steve: i know that i wondering if it is possible
steve: can u help me with some ps3 hardwhare questions
James : Yes
steve: cool
steve: the ps3 hdd will it be recognisable by pc running ( vista sp1 ) as this update allows pc's to recognise EXFAT file systems but if not what file system does the ps3 use
James : Are you referring to Media Sharing?
steve: no im refuring to the actual file system that the ps3 uses on its hdd as i was looking thru the various forumns and i came across a thread stated that divx would be playable on the ps3 via a update to the firmware .....but what file system does the ps3 use on its hdd
James : The hard drive is formatted in FAT32
steve: if that is the case how is it that games and blu-ray game data can be saved on it when fat32 has a limit of 4gb file size
James : Because there are no game data save files that would take up more than 4GB
steve: no not the game save file but the game install data file do
James : When you install a game onto the PS3 hard drive it does not install the entire game, just certain information which will allow the game to run more smoothly than if all the data was being read from the disc. Also this enables the auto-save feature on some games
James : There are no game data files over 4GB
steve: are right i was wondering it didnt make sence 2 me
steve: will we have access to the xmb via an update soon or not
James : Do you mean access the XMB via the PC
steve: no that would be a dis ater for sony as it might leed 2 piracy no i mean thru th ps3 as in being able to install ps1 ps2 games on hdd via other os or by other means