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    PS3 HDD Contents update; Scan v0.3 released!

    Update: We have added a new Nintendo Wii Mod-Chip to our repository at dubbed the Wiinner (pictured at right). Our Staffer MKE will be reviewing it in the near future, additional pictures are available here (Pic #1, Pic #2, Pic #3, Pic #4, Pic #5, Pic #6), and chip specifications include the following from the developer:

    "Wiinner is a new mod-chip produced in Italy based on PIC Microcontroller (12F629) and WiiFree Code. 2-layer PCB with High Quality SMT components. It can be simply reprogrammed since it includes an onboard JDM programmer so it does NOT need an external programmer. It perfectly fits on the internal Wii's case using two hinges of original air grill and uses the air inlet holes to communicate with the external serial port (included for free). You can simply insert the serial port only when necessary (firmware upgrade).

    Just connect a serial cable to PC and use IC-Prog for further reprogramming. Cheaper, simple and functional thanks also to the reliability of WiiFree Code."

    Today HanSooloo has updated his PS3 HDD Contents analysis and also shared Scan v0.3 with other PS3 DEVs (along with anyone else who wishes to check it out of course). Changes:
    2007-04-11 0.3
    > Added command line processing.
    -h 3 letter block device name to scan e.g.; sda
    -b Number of bytes to reserve for large hdd reas e.g.; 256000000
    -s Byte signature to scan in comma searated form e.g.; 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
    The author also states "My attention is now changing towards figuring out the sector encryption (that I believe exists). savage and I have been exchanging messages about what algorythms may be in use; and he seems to have some good ideas. At this point, we are trying different theories and trying to understand the suitability. Hopefully there will be some more news as the days go by."

    If any other PS3 DEVs wish to have posting permission in the PlayStation 3 DEV Chat Forum, feel free to get in contact with CJPC on iRC EFNet #PS3News or demonstrate your interest and abilities in our other PS3 boards and you will be issued an invite as well.

    PSP Files: SCEP CheatMaster v0.7 r4 Plug-In For PSP, Random Gameboot v0.6 BETA Plug-In For PSP, and Sleep-N-Wake v1.2 For PSP.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    wii-wiinner.png   wii-wiinner_2.png   wii-wiinner_3.png   wii-wiinner_4.png   wii-wiinner_5.png  


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