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    PS3 Hard Drive Game Install & Loading HDD vs. SSD Speed Test

    Recently IGN has conducted a PS3 hard drive speed test. The summary of their experiment is that when used in a PS3, solid state technology produces a very marginal improvement over traditional hard drives.

    So for now, just go for a cheap hard disc drive for your system if you want to upgrade it.

    To quote: To put it simply; when used in a PlayStation 3, solid-state technology produces only a marginal improvement over traditional hard disc drives. While the results varied greatly by application, the amount of time saved can't quite justify the expense... at least not yet.

    When solid-state drives become more accessible and comparable in price to their hard disc-based brethren, we recommend you pick one up for your PlayStation 3. Until then, pick up a cheap hard disc drive for your hard drive.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I just wanna go on record stating their speed test was retarded. They might as well have tested how long it took the game to install when they used a 56k connection to download it! Both hard drives write faster then the connection, therefore they would complete at the same time; this being the issue with the MGS4 install FROM BDROM which is 2x which is only 12x DVD if I'm not mistaken.

    A real test would be a game like Ridge Racer (which I know for a fact can install ALL to the HDD) and testing the load times.
    What noobs! (hehe, its not in my spell check yet)

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    TREUNO Guest
    I have recently upgraded my 40gb PS3 with a 500gb hdd and the improvement to MGS4 loading times between acts is very noticeable. I have placed the 40gb hdd in a USB caddie and discovered it is slow compared to todays HDD, its 4200rpm, 20mb a sec hddtach test result - in some sectors slower than usb2! I dont think you could buy a slower new hdd today. Conculsion - upgrade your hdd, it is worthwhile. SSD is overkill and a waste in a PS3 IMHO.

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    It's obvious that solid state would be faster, even if it was not so significant. I think when the price of ssd's goes down to a reasonable amount for drive space you get, then its better to switch, because you dont need to rely on the mechanics of hdd lol.

    But, at present, the hard drive is more practical.

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    Zhar Guest
    not worth it when you compare SSD vs normal HDD prices.
    at least not where I live, SSD drives are like 5-6 times more expensive than a normal HDD

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    slammy Guest
    If a SSD was twice as fast I could pay 2x the price of a regular HDD, but not like it is now with them being around 5-6x the price.

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    SSD in a PS3 is just a waste, SSD should only really be used as boot drives since continous writing to them is not good and they seem to fail quite oftenly, at this point in time SSD's will not be the replacment to HDD's.

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    tuomi Guest
    In addition to what's been mentioned above, there is also the issue of the ps3-filesystem probably not being optimized for SSD-storage...

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    sgfreelan Guest
    just like how xp and vista are not optimized for ssd.. you have to customize ur os install to meet the harddrives needs. writecache is useless... think about it a ssd is flash thats pure memory where as a reg harddrive has a magnetic disc.. and has to be spun to write and read from.

    this is why when u disable write cacheing for ur ssd it makes it so much faster. the review doesnt even take this in to consideration. the ssd would blow the hd away even if u had some raptors in ur ps3, if you could customize ur ps3 to take advantage of the fact ur using a ssd and not a hd. until then stick with a reg hd as its cheaper.

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    zatarra Guest
    This is a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping SSD's would make lightning quick load times for the PS3. I guess not.

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