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    You guys do realize that in order for a hacker to grab any credit card details they will need to make a unique custom firmware and make you install it on your PS3 then go on PSN and buy something. Highly unlikely to happen. If you are worried just stick to OFW.

    Also most of what these 'hackers' say is BS, e.g. He claims that Sony knows what controllers you're using, what USB devices are plugged in, what sort of television you're using everything.

    That fact alone is untrue, a tv cannot send its make or model down scart or HDMI. It's impossible.

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    All it needs is a mac address, and it gets that because everthing we plug in to the ps3 is plug and play. that all. no drama.

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    Damn son... i bet sony will be pissed if thats legit.

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    A lot of this does sound "scary", but the reality is, it comes down to using trusted sources if you're going to hack.

    Could it be done? Sure. However, if you're going to go through the trouble of using CFW or any other type of hack, you should do your homework and research it before installing.

    If you go blindly using any program/tool that's put out on the web without checking it out first, you deserve what you get. This is true for any software.

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    what's funny about this is that if a security threat like that existed then legit users might as well throw their ps3s out the window LMAO ROFL

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    that's insane, the tidbit about credit card information.

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    Untrue for HDMI. EDID info includes maker, model, and supported resolutions, colour bandwidth and so on.

    You can easily test this: hook your TV to your PC vie HDMI to DVI cable, and Windows displays the make, model and resolutions for the TV.

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    Not true, HDMI has a built in ability to communicate with other equipment. Each manufacturer have their own name for the technology Sony calls it BRAVIA. The BRAVIA Sync function allows devices to communicate with other Sony equipment supporting the Control for HDMI function.

    It only stands to reason that if the two devices can interact then the TV and PS3 can identify each other for compatibility.

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    this is true..

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    First of all, yes it does log the unique device descriptors every USB device has (used to identify a product for drivers in a PC). Use charles and have a poke yourself. Your TV can and does identify itself via HDMI (only HDMI though) thats how the PS3 knows it's capabilities (vRes and audio types) again watch your packet flow and try it for yourself.

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