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Thread: PS3 GT Academy 2010 LIVE at Silverstone Update Detailed

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    PS3 GT Academy 2010 LIVE at Silverstone Update Detailed

    PS3 GT Academy Commercial Director Andy Reynolds has shared details on a LIVE at Silverstone update today via PlayStation Blog.

    To quote: From millions of virtual racers we are down to 18 putting it all on the line for real.

    Our competitors raced hundreds of laps each on the GT Academy Time Trial to prove their speed, they beat all comers at the National Championships and now putting their nerves, sweat and skills to the limit at Silverstone.

    From Ireland to New Zealand and from Finland to Italy our 18 competitors have a chance to move from virtual champion to professional racing driver.

    In front of them lies a 5-day test of skill, physical fitness and pure speed in front of our legendary judges of Eddie Jordan, Johnny Herbert and Sabine Schmitz where only the very fastest will achieve their dream.

    Johnny Herbert, GT Academy 2010 Judge, said:

    "These next few days will be difficult, different and hard but the potential for the most rewarding prize ever. We are going to transform a guy from the virtual world and bring them to the reality of motor-sport. At Silverstone, they will work and race together but act for themselves. Its a chance they need to take with both hands."

    One man has been more responsible for giving pure talent its big break, this man is F1 legend and discoverer of talent such Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher. This man is Judge Eddie Jordan.

    Speaking to the competitors for the first time, he said:

    "I require big passion, big commitment to win and desire to win. You have to believe in yourself to win."

    From a Marine inspired assault course, to 75mph karts to a race-ready Nissan 370Z and GT-R - each challenge will need the very best from our competitors to succeed and become the GT Academy 2010 Champion.

    Kazinori Yamauchi had a dream of a Gran Turismo player becoming a real racing driver. Lucas Ordonez proved it can be done, one of these 18 competitors will be further prove that you can swap a sofa for a real race car and that the game is just the start to changing your life forever.

    Don't miss a thing and show your support for our 18 competitors. They're all winners, but only one can be our champion.

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    i want this game, it will be great in my collection!

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