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Thread: PS3 Graphics Chip Shrinks to 65nm this Fall

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    IanJ Guest

    PS3 Graphics Chip Shrinks to 65nm this Fall

    Kotaku are reporting that as part of Sony's "cost down efforts," the PlayStation 3 will be getting smaller, cooler, cheaper, more efficient 65nm RSX graphics chips starting this fall.

    Kaz Harai noted in his corporate strategy speech earlier today that the Cell processor has been manufactured with 65nm process technology as of "last holiday."

    Both were originally manufactured at 90nm, which was charming at first, but now seems rather vulgar. We're updating our console power consumption charts in anticipation of the new RSX's release. :p

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    airwalk987 Guest
    yea it's nice but... kinda cheap shot for those like me who just bought their PS3 with old chip... that's what i hate when they upgrade consoles ... it will most likely end like the first PS3s won't be able to play the last games ... maybe not in a near future but in like couple of years when games will be at their full potential .. anyway just my 2 cent first post !

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