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    PS3 Games Keyboard support

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    Here's a Question :?? Does anyone know if Sony will have keyboard support for some of their upcoming first person shooter type game seeing how the PS3 is capable. If they are is sure cut into the PC gaming world's market, because like myself many of us are PC gamers first all other second.

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    I've heard the next Unreal game will, I'm sure some others will also (especially FPS games)

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    hopefully.. since i been using keyboard and mouse for ps3 for web broswer..

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    Hopefully ut3 will have keyboard/mouse support.

    Think i'll die if it doesnt, or just play it on pc

    By the way, for anyone interested, i was considering making a ut3 clan on ps3?

    Anyone up for it, pm me We can start a ps3news clan

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    I was going to get UT3 for the pc, but if the ps3 allows keyboard/mouse, I'm definitely getting it for the ps3.

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    I'd like to see more keyboard/mouse support in games. Not a big issue to me though, I'm comfortable to playing FPS games with a controller now.


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