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Thread: PS3 in-game communications like X-Box Live, but free

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    PS3 in-game communications like X-Box Live, but free

    Sony's UK boss Ray Maguire recently mentioned that in-game communication would be introduced to the PS3 this summer.

    Daniel Dawkins, editor of PSM3 Magazine, has since said that this will bring the PS3 up to parity with X-Xox Live but that the key difference is that it's free.

    To quote: TechRadar spoke with Daniel Dawkins, editor of PSM3 Magazine, this morning who told us: "This brings the PS3 up to parity with Xbox Live, the key difference being that it's free".

    Dawkins added: "Sony is working its best to respond to what gamers want. The amount of evolution in terms of the firmware updates over the last year has been phenomenal."

    TechRadar also spoke with Sony Computer Entertainment reps this morning. They informed us that they were currently not making any official announcements or issuing any further information on exactly how in-game comms on PS3 are set to be improved.

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    mattaggz Guest
    i wish Microsoft would just give up already

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    avater Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mattaggz View Post
    i wish Microsoft would just give up already
    Why that?! Xbox-Live is also an amazing online service and still better than the psn (i had read a test between the psn and xbox-live and live wins with 45/50, the psn got 40/50, because of missing ingame xmb and stuff like that...)

    I hope they also add new ingame features like a message system and a music service...

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    avater Guest
    With ingame xmb, messaging and maybe ingame music... the playstation network is nearly at the level as xbox-live, and xbox-live exists for nearly 5 years... so if sonye also adds more content to the store, we will have also an awesome online platform for our system

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    iuis Guest
    good news, i just cant wait for this and im agree psn is nearly and all for free.

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    tuvieja Guest
    What I'm afraid is that it may not be free in the future. Kind of the Go! Messenger for the PSP. Sony gives it for free, but in a tiny letter you can see that they may be charging in the future for using the service... well, enjoy it while it's free anyway

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    Giddeon Guest

    I've held off buying a PS3 utill this point.. Blu-Ray has won the HD war, full res HD TVs have come down in price (I know cause mines turning up this thursday along with my brand spanking new PS3 ), PS3 Network features are about to explode and I'm all ready to do my bit for the brute force attack to get unsigned code tunning

    Not to mention the stagnation of the 360 (so i can point and laugh at the people who gave micro$oft their money) and its phenominal failure rate giving rise to a whole new wave of gamers reconsidering their choice..

    Things are looking up

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