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    severusx Guest

    Post PS3 Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions for Help and Support:

    This post will serve as a repository of FAQs. Please read the entirety of this post before adding your question. If you question has been answered in this post it will be deleted without notice. This FAQ will be regularly updated, so please read it entirely before posting. Also, please use the search feature on this section to see if your question has been asked before.


    Q: What’s the best CFW to use?
    A: That is a matter of opinion and there is no “best” CFW/MFW. Read the CFW/MFW section and determine what works best for you.
    Q: Should I downgrade my firmware?
    A: It depends, if you have a “Fat” console and want to add OtherOS functionality back to your console then yes, otherwise there is no real good reason to downgrade a 3.55 console. Simply install a 3.55 based CFW and avoid the risk of bricking your console.
    Q: Can I use a CFW on firmware/homebrew/downgrade version 3.56?
    A: No, currently there is no way to do anything to firmware 3.56.

    Internal/External Hard Drive:

    Q: What internal/external HD should I use?
    A: This is also a matter of opinion. Choose a drive that you trust. However there are a few guidelines. Do not exceed 1.5 TB in size, the PS3 cannot use drives with a 64K block size. It is also not necessary to get the fastest drive there is, as there is no real appreciable difference in real world performance.
    Q: How do I format the external drive?
    A: All external drives must currently be in FAT32 format. If you are a Windows users, use an application like SwissKnife (Google it) prepare the drive as the Windows formatting utility will force you to use ExFAT.
    Q: How do I backup my internal drive?
    A: There are 2 ways to do this. 1. Attach a properly formatted external device and copy your Game Saves, Media, Game Backups, etc. to the external device. Note: This will not backup your Trophies or locked saves. 2. Use the built in HD Backup Utility in the XMB to make a backup image of your HD. Use the same utility to restore the HD after you have installed the new one.
    Q: Can I just move my internal HD to another PS3?
    A: No, each HD is encrypted with a key specific to each PS3. Moving it to another PS3 will cause it to be reformatted before it can be used.
    Q: Can I use NTFS?
    A: Not really, there is a library out there that allows developers to add NTFS support to their applications but it is currently only providing Read Only access. Also, GameOS does not support NTFS so any application that has to exit to GameOS (e.g. a Backup Manager) cannot use a NTFS volume. Development in this area continues to evolve.

    Game Backups:

    Q: What is the best Backup Manger to use?
    A: This is a matter of opinion. Check the PS3 Hacks section for a few options. Read about their features and decide for yourself.
    Q: Where do I get games?
    A: PS3News.com does not condone piracy, only use Backup Managers for their intended purpose, which is to make backup copies of games that you legitimately own.
    Q: I’m having trouble with XYZ Scene Release Game, what do I do?
    A: See above, only backup games that you legally own. Don’t ask about scene releases or torrents.
    Q: Do I need to use modified EBOOTs to play XYZ Game that won’t boot?
    A: If you are on an older firmware version like 3.41 then first try a Backup Manager like MultiMan that supports the Black Screen Fix. If this does not work then try a modified EBOOT. If you are on a 3.55 based CFW, there is no need for modified EBOOTs. Simply use the Black Screen Fix to launch non-working games.
    Q: How do I split/unsplit files larger than 4 GB for my external HD?
    A: Your Backup Manager will automatically do this for you when copying games from the BlurRay Disc or internal HD to the external one. If you wish to split these files on your PC, look for an application called Split4g in the MultiMan thread.


    Q: How do I access PSN using a CFW/Jailbreak without being detected/banned?
    A: You don’t. There is no such thing as “Stealth”, if you access PSN with a CFW/JB console you will eventually be caught and banned.
    Q: I’ve decided I don’t want a CFW/JB console anymore, how do I remove the hack and connect to PSN safely?
    A: Well, there is no guarantee that you won’t be banned, but the best you could do would be to return your console to its current original firmware version, format the HD, and then update it to the newest firmware version before connecting to PSN. Again, there is no guarantee, but there have been no reports of users being banned after doing this.
    Q: How do I get new PSN Content/DLC on my console without connecting to PSN?
    A: You don’t. All new PSN content requires activation via PSN. There is currently no way around this.
    Q: Can I download game update packages on my PC and then install them on my PS3?
    A: Yes, but there is no guarantee the backup will continue to work after that.


    Q: How should I configure my PS3’s network connection?
    A: This is a matter of opinion. Some users do need their console to connect to the internet at all, so they configure an incorrect Default Gateway address in the manual settings for the network connection. Other users like to access the web or update homebrew application online so they allow their console to connect to the internet. If you choose this method be sure to prevent all users of your console from connecting to PSN and be aware that after firmware version 3.15 Sony has the right to push an update to your console without your permission.
    Q: What FTP client should I use?
    A: There are many options out there, find a free solution like FileZilla. Some clients are better than others, so use one that gets updated regularly.
    Q: My PS3 is connected via Wireless, why is the transfer speed so slow or why does it get disconnected?
    A: You are on wireless. If you are transferring large files, it is advisable to connect your PS3 to a wired connection, preferably gigabit. You can also use external storage to transfer files quickly.

    Recovery Mode:

    Q: How do I access Recovery Mode?
    A: With the system in standby mode. Press and hold the power button down until the system turns on and then off again. Release the power button.

    After about 1 - 2 seconds press and hold the power button again, until you hear 2 consecutive beeps. Release the power button. During this step you will actually hear three beeps. There will be one single beep then a short delay followed by 2 consecutive beeps. Only release the power button after you hear the 2 consecutive beeps.

    At this point the PS3 Recovery Menu will be shown on the screen.

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    I will Sticky this here for awhile- Thanks for the FAQ severusx and +Rep!

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