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    PS3 Firmware v2.00 rumors; PS3 TIFF Exploit Test available!

    Update: Although we have been able to play PSX/PS1 back-ups on the PS3 for quite some time, those interested can also give it a try using the new PS3 TIFF Exploit available below... according this this video it works as well!

    On this warm and sunny weekend we have the following to report: The following rumors are circulating throughout the Internet regarding the upcoming PS3 Firmware v2.00:
    • v2.00 will have updated drivers for its built-in Internet browser, for updated flash player functionality and other stuff related to the browser.

    • v2.00 consists of 2 different downloads - one containing Home, and one without it. This results in the Home software having it's own section in the XMB. Current BETA versions are downloaded from the store and are booted from the game section of the XMB. It was mentioned though, that Home has been accessed this way since v1.54 and not to expect Home to actually be released until after v2.10 or v2.20. Kinks are being worked out involving the Home/XMB menu design/access.

    • There will be no in-game XMB access yet.

    • Icons for movies/games can now move while other media types are currently being accessed.

    • Security is being worked on. You can password-protect individual files on your HDD including movies, photos and pictures by pressing triangle to access the options menu. This does not appear to be finished yet, and therefore not likely for the v2.00 update.
    At this time, none of these rumors have been officially confirmed or denied... so only time will determine their validity.

    In other PS3 news, H3R3T1C has shared with us a TIFF Exploit Test For PS3, along with a Video of it in action (also available below, when it goes live). To quote from the ReadMe file:
    I have discovered some odd behavior which may potentially lead to playing backed up blu-ray games. Copying this specifically crafted TIF image to a USB stick, and attempting to open it seems to cause the PS3 some confusion. While the console remains responsive to controls, you’re able to browse the XMB and launch a game. The game won't fully launch allowing time for a disc swap. Once swapped, remove the USB stick, and the new game boots — no errors!

    This potential TIFF exploit has been tested on firmware 1.31, 1.80, and the latest, 1.90. Further testing is underway, stay tuned for updates.
    Currently CJPC and hacked2123 have tested and confirmed it works, however, at this time all it actually does is what is shown in the video... allows swapping one PS3 original disc for another title (which also is an original disc). More to come on this as things progress!

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    hmmm im on 1.50 atm, but if i upgraded to 1.90 and stuck in either my usa retail versions of god war 1/2, tekken4 or gt4 wonder if it will load them..

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    nice job dudes!! hope this leads to ps3 bluray backups booting..

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    So could this be another method of booting higher firmware games on lower firmware consoles?

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    can this bypass region locks for ps2 games?

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    great work, now for backups booting..

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    Does it work for PS2 games? I will give it a try

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    I test too tonight. Thanks for it.

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    Nice work! Now i hope we get some code on it^^

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    H3R3T1C, CJPC and hacked2123 keep up the good work.

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