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    Contributor froka's Avatar
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    Mar 2007

    Stuff is sweet, I'm testing on 1.7.

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    Great work! This small exploit may be a big step in the right direction.

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    has anyone tried this to play import ps2 titles? ill give it a go and see

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    nice work, Thanks guys!

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    I Will test it and post my results

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    No Title

    may i stay on fw 1.50 or upgrade to 1.90 to try it? whats better?

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    tested with PS3 FW 1.90 JP

    Works !

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    Newbie epl's Avatar
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    Aug 2007

    Same Here, And I Am On 1.1o Jap

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    i didnt tested it yet..but i think we must upgrade fw to 1.90 for this exploit.. im on 1.50 too ...but ill wait a little more.. there's still no way to play backups.. :P
    (excuse my english)

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    it works with fw 1.90..


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