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    still can't play PS3/Ps2 backup yet

    but still nice work, keep it up

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    i`ve tested ps2 backups, and it did not work
    but great works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuxer View Post
    can this bypass region locks for ps2 games?
    same question. does anyone tried it?

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    well its dont play my orignal retail usa and jap games so i doubt it will run back ups as well might be different for someone with fw higher than 1.50

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    nice finding, i'll try it!!!

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    H3R3T1C i love you. I live in he netherlands were they have pal Playstations but i have an japanese ntsc playstation.

    Most games i can play on my ntsc ps3 like virtua fighter5 because on the back it say Pal 576P 720P 1080I 1080P. but i bought Spiderman 3 that game says it plays only pal and HD 720p.

    So when i put spiderman in my ps3 it says it can play error 80028F10. when i connect my ps3 tru hdmi and switch the settings to 720P my tv stops end says it cant display that setting because i dont have a HD ready TV....

    And now i discoonect my hdmi cable and use the original cable put in virtua fighter5 use the TIFF EXPLOIT start firtuafighter5 and when it is stuck switch the disc with spiderman3 pop out my memorystick it starts spiderman

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    I`ve tried it with an original PS2 Game (I-Ninja) when the screen turns black i inserted the burned copy of Naturo: Ultimate ninja, after taht i pulled the USB-Stick Out and the PS3 wanted to load the game, but then she loses the TV-Signal, after 2-3 seconds the Xmb arrives with the message: "An error has occured, during the start procedure) Ive a german PS3 with Firmware 1.90, now i will test it with a copy of the same game.

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    good work, i have tested with my PS3 FW 1.90 EU.

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    good work, lets c were this goes

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    When i tried tthis mine freezes after the playstation 3 logo comes up. I don't know if its important.....but i thought that one the ps3 logo is displayed then the ps3 thinks its a proper game, so if you put in a backup it wont check if its real or not.

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