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    Jan 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by wattseat View Post
    maybe if we try to load PS2 games using other PS2 games we would be able to do it... any thoughts?
    same Q, i hope we can :>

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    i updated to 1.90 fw, now with ps3 proxy by 3r1c, i cant seem to use folding@home it just signs it self out. im using the same settings as before (1.50 fw) i can go on psn fine and download trailers etc just cant seem to use folding.

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    Jun 2006

    i have to honestly say that waitin for the new fw to drop has been a long waiting time. i noticed that this next fw has taken almost two months.. i think 1.9 came out july 24 and its already september. hope the new fw has some amazing new fetures cause im buyin a second ps3 and keepin that one. that will be 80 gigs up to date and leave my 60 gig 1.5 ps3 at their for future exploits.

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    Has someone tried it with 1.92? Does it still work?

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    May 2007

    I tried with 1.92 and I now get corrupt file....


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