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    PS3 Firmware v1.93 Update released!

    As planned, v1.93 PS3 Firmware is now available below which should remedy the Network disconnect issue from v1.92 among other changes. There is currently no official changelog available, and props to both ibleedblue744 and vfxraven19 who let us know of the update!

    Download: PS3 Firmware v1.93 Update (US) / PS3 Firmware v1.93 Update (EU)

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    I had no trouble with it. Took about 10 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by comncense View Post
    Anyone else having problems downloading the update for 1.93? I can't do it via the PS3 nor using my computer. It get at 4% downloaded and then stops...
    YUP! 4% then stops.... Tried it like 10 times. Going to try updating via storage now.

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    couldnt get it to update via psn gonna try storage cant wait to play fifa!!!

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    That's strange that so many people had problems installing this update. Worked fine for me. I'm on a wired connection and had fw 1.92 previously.

    Ok, for those having problems try deleting the cache and/or cookies in the web browser. Personally, I've never used the ps3's web browser so maybe that's why the update worked for me.
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    I've used the web browser and had no problems updating to 1.93, but then I never had any problems using 1.92

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    I had the network disconnect message alot in 1.92.. Nice that they're fixing it..

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    blocks at 10 MB

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    1 probs here

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    download from the downloads section got mine from there

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