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    PS3 Firmware v1.80 released & more!

    Update #2: Using the previous RFOM Method, a new variant has now surfaced which allows you to Bypass the PS3 High Definition Check for those with SD TVs. Cheers!

    Update: We received word from today that they have received the new PSP-Devolution in stock for only $85 in BOTH the TA-79/81 and TA-82/86 versions. They also let us know they are still offering their April special in May on the Genuine WiiKey Bundles for only $36 each... sweet deals! Also, for PS3 v1.80 users we have added a PS3 AVI Transcoding On-The-Fly Guide- enjoy! 2

    As planned, today PS3 Firmware v1.80 is now available for download (v1.80 USA and v1.80 EUR). kizman has shared with us on iRC EFnet #PS3News a few comparision pics of the new upscaling as follows: [Scaling: ON / Filtering: OFF] Pic #1 and Pic #2. Although there is no official changelog posted yet on, yesterday's Press Release detailed what is to be expected in version 1.80. Needless to say, we don't recommend updating your PS3 Firmware if you are looking forward to running PS3 iSOs and homebrew when a method is publically available... so do it at your own risk. Please post all related feedback in our ongoing PS3 v1.80 Firmware available for download! Forum thread.

    In related news, $ony is also preparing to release PSP Firmware v3.50 at the end of this month, which reportedly is set to further enhance PS3-to-PSP connectivity by providing support for the PS3's new Internet-enabled Remote Play feature (available in PS3 Firmware v1.80). This allows PSP users to access their PS3 remotely from any available WiFi connection.

    PSP Files: PSPSSH v1.0.6 BETA For PSP, Remover v2.1 For PSP, Brooktown High (USA) 994MB PSP RipKit, and Bleach: Heat The Soul 4 (JAP) 683MB PSP RipKit.
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